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Liars Release “Cred Woes,” First Single From New Album TFCF

Last month, Liars announced a new album with some spooky YouTube videos and other social media ephemera, and now that album has a title and some pretty incredible art. It’s called TFCF–that stands for Theme From Crying Fountain–and it’s out August 25 via Mute. As we noted in May, TFCF will be the first Liars record without multi-instrumentalist Aaron Hemphill, who cofounded the band with Angus Andrew way back when they were a straightforward dance-punk troupe in 2001.

The band also released the first TFCF single, called “Cred Woes,” which splits the difference between the queasy tension of records like Sisterwold and the day-glo rave stylings of their last album, 2014’s Mess. Hear it below, and see Andrew in a bridal gown on the TFCF cover after that.

Liars Release TFCF” title=”TFCF-1498747619″ data-original-id=”247449″ data-adjusted-id=”247449″ class=”sm_size_full_width sm_alignment_center ” data-image-source=”getty” />


01 The Grand Delusional
02 Cliché Suite
03 Staring At Zero
04 No Help Pamphlet
05 Face to Face With My Face
06 Emblems of Another Story
07 No Tree No Branch
08 Cred Woes
09 Coins in My Caged Fist
10 Ripe Ripe Rot
11 Crying Fountain