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Stevie, Nix: Another Terrible Indie Rock Fleetwood Mac Covers Album on the Way

Yeasayer Liars Fleetwood Mac Cover Rumours

England’s MOJO magazine may be somewhat infamous for celebrating the past, but the enduring rock rag hustles hard to connect the old to the new via its impressive “revisited” CD series, which wrangles a consistently interesting lineup of contemporary artists to cover an entire classic album of yore. Last year they had Villagers, amongst others, do Neil Young. March brought Bill Callahan versus Leonard Cohen, and June saw the Flaming Lips take on the Beach Boys.

Now, for the magazine’s January issue, MOJO has tapped a new batch of bands to cover Fleetwod Mac’s beloved 1977 LP, Rumours. The Mac, you’ll remember, are a popular indie rock meme these days: Starbucks label Hear Music/Concord wrangled Best Coast, MGMT, Washed Out, and others for the mostly awful Fleetwood tribute compilation Just Tell Me That You Wan’t Me this summer. (Watch SPIN cover girl Bethany Cosentino cover “Rhiannon” here.)

Below, you can hear Yeasayer apply their wobbly synth-addled polyglot palatte to MOJO‘s ebullient new album opener “Second Hand News,” and Liars just darken the shit out of one of the group’s best-known songs, “The Chain.”

Their treatments try hard to reinvent those 35-year-old songs for modern times and so will, we’re guessing, revisions from Danish chamber-pop experimentalists Slaraffenland, L.A.’s avant-folk queen Julia Holter, and Canuck shoegaze crew the Besnard Lakes. Which, as SPIN’s Christopher R. Weingarten points out, was the problem with the last one.

Check out the track list for Rumours Revisited below.

Rumours Revisited track list:
1. Yeasayer – “Second Hand News”
2. Pure Bathing Culture – “Dreams”
3. Slaraffenland – “Never Going Back”
4. The Phoenix Foundation – “Don’t Stop”
5. Dutch Uncles – “Go Your Own Way”
6. The Staves – “Songbird”
7. Liars – “The Chain”
8. The Besnard Lakes – “You Make Loving Fun”
9. Dylan LeBlanc – “I Don’t Want to Know”
10. Mary Epworth – “Oh Daddy”
11. Julia Holter – “Gold Dust Woman”