Watch the Trailer for Creed II

Michael B. Jordan returns as Adonis "Donnie" Creed for Creed II. In the second installment, Donnie is a new father  – so Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) and his…
Isabella Castro-Cota / June 20, 2018

Scott Stapp Says Scott Weiland’s Ghost Visited Him In The Bathroom

Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp has been through some serious shit, resulting in a string of reckless incidents fueled by a mixture of paranoia, depression,…
Pranav Trewn, Stereogum / April 12, 2017

Creed’s Scott Stapp Reviewed the Film ‘Creed’ for Funny Or Die

See, this is why we needed the petition: There was bound to be confusion between the film Creed, which hits theaters this Wednesday, and hard rock…
James Grebey / November 23, 2015

Donald Glover, Jhené Aiko, and Vince Staples Join Forces on ‘Waiting For My Moment’

Creed, the upcoming Rocky spin-off movie that was the subject of a joke Internet petition, comes out on November 25, and today a new cut from the soundtrack…
James Grebey / November 20, 2015

Creed Fans Start Petition to Change Name of New ‘Rocky’ Movie

Update: This ridiculous petition was always obviously a hoax, duh, but now we know the brilliant mind behind this piece of Creed-trolling. It was Nick Robinson.
James Grebey / July 2, 2015

Creed’s Scott Stapp Admits to Suffering From Bipolar Disorder

Creed frontman Scott Stapp was in the news a lot late last year due to a series of odd antics, including video confessions where he…
Rachel Brodsky / May 13, 2015

The Secret Service Is Investigating Scott Stapp’s Alleged Threats Against President Barack Obama

In late November, Scott Stapp allegedly fled a mental health facility on a bike with no shirt and a backpack full of CIA documents claiming to be…
James Grebey / December 15, 2014

Creed’s Scott Stapp Has Reportedly Threatened President Obama

In another round of disturbing news about Creed frontman Scott Stapp, the singer has allegedly threatened to assassinate President Barack Obama. In a 911 call — released by TMZ — Stapp's wife,…
Rachel Brodsky / December 12, 2014

Scott Stapp Is Trying to Crowdsource $480,000 to Record a Solo Album

Scott Stapp, who just last week claimed to be broke, hungry, and homeless, is now asking other people pull him up by his bootstraps by attempting…
James Grebey / December 1, 2014

Scott Stapp’s Wife Requests He Undergo 60-Day Psychiatric Hold

Just two days after Scott Stapp posted a rambling video to Facebook in which he claimed to be homeless, as Rolling Stone points out, more…
Colin Joyce / November 29, 2014

Creed’s Scott Stapp Claims to Be Broke and Homeless

In a new video posted to Facebook, Creed frontman Scott Stapp told fans that he's penniless, hungry, and homeless. He also claimed that the IRS froze…
James Grebey / November 26, 2014

Scott Stapp Repents, Sorta

No one sets out to be a cliché. But in the 20 years since Creed formed in Florida, frontman Scott Stapp hit just about every…
Kenny Herzog / November 8, 2013

Soy Un Perdedor: The 50 Worst Moments of the ’90s

Like every decade, the '90s had its cathartic heights. And like the '60s, it seemed like a period in which the culture was moving forward,…
SPIN Staff / August 15, 2013

Creed’s Scott Stapp Plays an Undecided Voter on FOX

Who has been covering the crucial Creed beat? Why, FOX News, that's who! The last time the messianic post-grunge band released an album, 2009's Full…
Marc Hogan / October 2, 2012

5 Things Creed Frontman Scott Stapp’s Tell-All Book Must Address

When SPIN interviewed Creed frontman Scott Stapp in 2009, he said, "If I could take it all back and do it all over again from…
Kory Grow / August 14, 2012
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