Fractures’ Alt-R&B Spawns a Domestic Cold War in ‘Won’t Win’ Video

If you don't yet know Melbourne resident Mark Zito, now's a pretty good time for an good look into the singer/producer's heart and soul. Recording…
Chris Martins / June 26, 2014

Watch Le1f, in a Kilt, Strut His Best ‘Wut’ on ‘Letterman’

Le1f's network-TV debut was a long time coming. He handled it like he'd been there before. The New York rapper's music has been rattling around…
Marc Hogan / March 14, 2014

Watch Twin Shadow Dumpster-Dive for SXSW

George Lewis Jr. is known for many things. Among them: His Twin Shadow alias, his love of synth-powered melodrama, his talent for covering other artists'
Kyle McGovern / March 13, 2014

Watch Beck’s Low-Key ‘Fallon’ Performances

Good news for Morning Phase-ists (just don't pronounce that like Thurston Moore). Beck stayed up late — or at least until Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show taping…
Marc Hogan / March 13, 2014

Watch Damon Albarn Introduce Blithe ‘Mr. Tembo’ on ‘Kimmel’

Damon Albarn's character songs have grown up with him. "Mr. Briggs," "Colin Zeal," "Tracy Jacks," "Ernold Same," "Dan Abnormal," "Yuko & Hiro" — in Blur's…
Marc Hogan / March 13, 2014

Watch Three Grannies Analyze Beyonce’s Serfbort

Okay, so it's not exactly a new idea, but without getting too deep into the sociological implications thereof, there's something evergreen about watching older folks…
Chris Martins / March 12, 2014

Rebecca Black Writer Returns With a Chinese Song About Flying Cars

No doubt inspired by the success of his cultural milestone "Chinese Food," songwriter Patrice Wilson — the evil genius who also penned Rebecca Black's "Friday"
Dan Reilly / March 12, 2014

DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s ‘Turn Down for What’ Video Is the Most Turnt

Lil John and DJ Snake's "Turn Down for What" is an undeniable force — the sort of club track that not only inspires ridiculous wilding…
Chris Martins / March 12, 2014

BANKS Emerges From Darkness in Shadowy ‘Brain’ Video

Back in January, BANKS dropped "Brain," a potent R&Beats single that she brewed with the help of fellow Los Angeleno Shlohmo. Now, the up-and-coming songstress…
Kyle McGovern / March 12, 2014

Johnny Cash’s ‘She Used to Love Me a Lot’ Video Calls Out Inequality

Johnny Cash was a true man of the people, an attitude he summed up in the lyric "I wear the black for the poor and…
Dan Reilly / March 12, 2014

Watch Julian Casablancas Unveil Epic New Song ‘Ego’ at Surprise Show

Julian Casablancas has been debuting new material at surprise shows with his backing band the Voidz, and now Consequence of Sound points to fan video…
Marc Hogan / March 12, 2014

Watch Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic Take an Accordion to Lorde’s ‘Royals’

Everybody's covering Lorde this year. Bruce Springsteen recently delivered a driving, acoustic version of "Royals" in her home country of New Zealand, then CHVRCHES took…
Dan Reilly / March 12, 2014

Watch Iggy Pop and New Order Play Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’

Iggy Pop might not be performing on the next Stooges album, but at least he can have some fun jamming with New Order. The Rock…
Dan Reilly / March 12, 2014

Watch Coldplay Debut Two Subdued ‘Ghost Stories’ Songs Live at SXSW

Coldplay unveiled two previously unheard songs from May 19 album Ghost Stories last night at South By Southwest. The band's set during the first-ever iTunes Festival at…
Marc Hogan / March 12, 2014

Watch Arcade Fire Lovingly Cover Stevie Wonder’s ‘Uptight’

In case you missed it, Arcade Fire are on the road, cutting a funk-fueled swath through the heart of America. Thus far, the Canadian orch-pop…
Chris Martins / March 11, 2014
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