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Courtney Love Terrorizes Fall Out Boy in ‘Rat a Tat’ Video

Courtney Love, Fall Out Boy, video, "Rat a Tat"

When Courtney Love says, “It’s Courtney, bitch,” she means business. Almost a year ago, Fall Out Boy and Love teased their collaboration “Rat a Tat,” which ended up on the reunited alt-pop band’s fifth album, Save Rock and Roll. Now comes the video, which is actually the ninth installment in an ongoing series of unfortunate events for the Chicago-based quartet (titled Youngblood Chronicles).

In the latest clip, Love commands her anti-music army of women through a megaphone as they hook frontman Patrick Stump up to some equipment that somehow warps his mind and causes him to hate music almost as much as they do. Considering the album title, there’s a bit of a Titanic situation here — we kind of know which way it’s going to end — but there are plenty of arena-ready hooks to pile up first. Plenty of “it’s Courtney, bitch,” too.

Love has scheduled a U.K. tour in May, which should be a nice break from her recent legal travails (a lawsuit by a psychiatrist and another suit for libel after she withstood a landmark Twitter case which made her a “better Buddhist”). Fall Out Boy, who also last year banged out the Ryan Adams-produced Pax Am Days EP, are hitting the road for a “Monumentour” with Paramore starting June 19 in Hartford, Connecticut.

See? Told you there’d be a happy ending.