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Watch Le1f, in a Kilt, Strut His Best ‘Wut’ on ‘Letterman’

Blood Orange's Dev Hynes joined New York rapper, whose shoes Dave covets

Le1f’s network-TV debut was a long time coming. He handled it like he’d been there before. The New York rapper’s music has been rattling around in pop culture since Das Racist’s 2008 debut “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell,” and the song he performed last night on Late Show With David Letterman, “Wut,” came out way back in 2012 on the Dark York mixtape. Yeah, the bouncy horns bear a resemblance to a certain “Thrift Shop” smash — as Le1f hasn’t been shy about pointing out — but this song came first. Any dozing late-night TV viewers who awoke expecting “a come-up” instead saw a gloriously bekilted Le1f impeccably delivering his breakout song’s breackneck rhymes, accompanied by a couple of synchronized dancers and, in the band, Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes (there’s a song on Le1f’s 2013 Tree House mixtape called “Blood Oranges,” COINCIDENCE?!!!). And no, if you’re at the Goodwill, Le1f doesn’t see you there, dog: After the performance above, Letterman asked if he could buy the MC’s shoes. Quoth the rapper: L O L O L, he’s loco.