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Nancy Whang Grooves for Shit Robot in ‘Do That Dance’ Video

Shit Robot Nancy Whang 'Do That Dance' Video DFA

Last month we learned that former LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang joined DFA techno weirdo Shit Robot for a song on his forthcoming album, We Got a Love. Back then, we shared Leisure Connection’s remix of “Do That Dance” and now we’ve got the video to consider. Seen above, the clip fittingly features the guest vocalist cutting a rug while (less fittingly) footage of soccer is beamed in behind her. Whang has become a go-to voice for nü-disco makers, appearing in the video for Classixx’s “All You’re Waiting For” and a trio of songs by the Juan MacLean: “Get Down (With My Love),” “Feel Like Movin’,” and “You Are My Destiny.” She also features heavily in the LCD documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits, and thus will be heard on the forthcoming live vinyl box set The Long Goodbye.