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Watch Warpaint Bring ‘Love Is to Die’ to Life on ‘Conan’

Warpaint, 'Conan,' "Love Is to Die," video

Warpaint’s live reputation has long preceded them, and the Los Angeles dream-pop band’s hushed reveries could hardly be better suited for late-night viewing. But somehow their performance last night on Conan marked Warpaint’s first on the sleepytime TV circuit. They made the most of it, the quartet’s intricate drumming, casually mesmerizing harmonies, and rippling guitar lines making “Love Is to Die” even more striking than on Warpaint’s excellent new self-titled album. Particularly given the song’s understated yearning, which could be mistaken for aloofness, it was a treat to catch the band members grinning now and then. Also check out our profile, Warpaint on Safari