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Lil B’s ‘F—k Kevin Durant’ Reignites Beef With NBA Star

Lil B Fuck Kevin Durant KD Video

Lil B sure knows how to hold a grudge. In 2011, the Based God called out NBA star Kevin Durant, who the rapper said had called him “wack.” According to SBNation, Lil B put a curse on Durant and his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, saying they would never win a championship, only to later relent. Then, in 2012, B took to Twitter to challenge Durant to a one-on-one game. Durant accepted but never made good on his promise, and the two traded lighthearted insults via Twitter in the following months. All was quiet on the Lil B/KD front until this year’s NBA All-Star Game, when the Based God tweeted, “AND F—K KEVIN DURANT LIL B FOR LIFE – Lil B.”

Now he’s upped the ante with a new song, “F*ck KD,” and a hilarious video to accompany it. Reworking DJ Khaled’s “Brown Paper Bag” for the “F—k Kevin Durant” chorus, B spends less time dissing the player than he does big-upping his own basketball skills. “Let’s play a game of 21, it’s really fun / I got half court shots and I’ll post you up,” he sorta-rhymes on the track, which will appear on his Hoop Life mixtape. He also makes a point to mention Durant’s agent, Jay Z, in the refrain: “I like Roc Nation and I love Jay Z / But on the West Side I’m screamin’ f—k KD.” The video, meanwhile, features Lil B training in what appears to be a hotel gym, drilling threes and missing lay-ups. He looks like he’s got some skills, but at 5’6″, he’ll probably have a hard time with the 6’9″ Durant, which is yet another reason we’d love to see this game happen. Make it happen, KD.

In other hoops musical news, Frank Ocean claims on new Diplo-Clash collaboration “Hero” that he can dunk.