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Watch the Men Head to the ‘Pearly Gates’ With Bikers and Satanists

The Men Pearly Gates video tomorrow's hits

Any old music video wouldn’t do for the Men’s six-minute shred session “Pearly Gates.” We get it, you get it, and luckily the Brooklyn punks get it too. Therefore, they went with a gritty road movie-style clip featuring a cool dude hitting the highway with a transistor radio, only to get pursued by a pitchfork-toting biker and donut-devouring cop. Naturally, any story involving that also necessitates a beautiful hitchhiker, and wouldn’t you know it, one pops up a few minutes in — and that’s when things get real weird. No spoilers, but we’ll just hint that the main dude’s plans to get laid at the Sayonara Motel are shot to hell pretty quickly. Check it out above, and cop the Men’s fifth album, Tomorrow’s Hits, today via Sacred Bones.