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Prince Actually Cooks Omelettes, Not Pancakes

Prince, omelettes, 'Arsenio Hall Show,' 3rdEyeGirl, "Mutiny," "She's Always in My Hair"

Somebody get Charlie Murphy on the phone. In his classic sketch on Chappelle’s Show, Murphy presented a deliciously convincing case that Prince takes pleasure in serving his houseguests pancakes — a legend the Purple One himself recently perpetuated on New Girl, at a pajama-party live show, and on his Internet-winning “Breakfast Can Wait” single artwork. But Prince has now said he can only cook one dish, and it happens to be a different breakfast item. Yes, we know: Has the whole world taken Prince’s advice from “Let’s Go Crazy”?!

On March 5, during Prince’s takeover of The Arsenio Hall Show, audience members asked the Paisley Park legend various simple questions. For instance, it turns out touching Prince’s hair is a Purple pet peeve. Buried at the end of the video above, though, a man asks Prince about any household chores the singer does that might be surprising. We’re guessing Prince doesn’t clean the toilets or dust the baseboards, because he replied, “I can cook.” He went on to say, “But only one thing.” Asked what’s the big Prince dish, he said, “Omelettes.”

Say it ain’t so, Charlie Murphy. Maybe one of Prince’s minions cooks the royal pancakes. We previously shared footage of Prince performing new song “FUNKNROLL” with his 3rdEyeGirl band on Arsenio Hall, and now below you can also see them rip through 1985 B-side “She’s Always in My Hair.” To watch Prince and 3rdEyeGirl perform another 1985 song, “Mutiny,” visit the show’s website.