Review: Prodigy – Fat of the Land

This album originally came out June 30, 1997. In honor of the album turning 20 this year, and our feature on the Best Alternative Rock Songs of…
Eric Weisbard / April 25, 2017

Death Grips’ ‘Firestarter’ Remix Somehow More Frenzied Than Original

We don't know what motivated Death Grips to suddenly remix the Prodigy's 1997 hit "Firestarter." In fact, we don't know what motivates most of SPIN's…
Daniel Kreps / April 11, 2013

Watch the History of Video Games, Soundtracked by the Rap Songs That Sample Them

We're sure you remember our Kotaku-approved list of 50 rap songs that sample video games. If not, it basically traced rap's love affair with the…
SPIN Staff / November 29, 2012

No Trivia’s Friday Five: Has Gunplay Gone Pitbull?

Heads up to anybody who was entertained by my interview a few months back with underground comics dude and Lil B cover artist Benjamin Marra.
Brandon Soderberg / July 6, 2012

Prodigy, ‘H.N.I.C. 3′ (Infamous)

In his own world, with his chest puffed out and his rhymes underwritten, legendary Mobb Deep dunn seems well, done.
Brandon Soderberg / July 5, 2012


Walk down Canal Street under the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge and you'll see people lining up for the Fung Wah bus. Originally a cheap…
Seth Berkman / November 25, 2008

New Albums from AC/DC, Gang Gang Dance, Electric Six, and more

Here's a rundown of albums available online and in record stores today: AC/DC, Black Ice Rock's eternal road crew repave the highway to you know…
SPIN Staff / October 21, 2008