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Melvins’ Buzz Osbourne Recalls the Night Kurt Cobain Went to Jail for Vandalism

Before Kurt Cobain became a household name thanks to Nirvana, he was a teenage prankster in his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington. (Stars, they're just like…
Katherine Turman / February 16, 2021

Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic Clarifies That He ‘Doesn’t Support Fascism’

Krist Novoselic, the bassist of Nirvana, has gotten come out with a response of the backlash regarding his previous message that praised President Donald Trump's…
Emily Tan / June 3, 2020

In Utero Came Out 25 Years Ago Today — Here’s an Amusing Video of College Students Reviewing It at the Time

The third and final Nirvana album, In Utero, turns 25 today — we did an Anniversary piece on it when it turned 20. On this…
James Rettig, Stereogum / September 21, 2018

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Silence Is Golden

In 1959, University of Detroit staffers slipped three silent 45s into the student union jukebox, designed to allow the purchase of peace and quiet during…
Jonathan Rowe / March 12, 2021

Nirvana’s Bleach to Be Reissued as Limited-Edition Blue Cassette

After the success of Tapehead City's Love Buzz Red reissue of Nirvana's Bleach, the cassette purveyor has announced another limited-edition reprint. The Blew edition (pressed on a cobalt blue…
SPIN Staff / March 1, 2021

Ex-Nirvana Members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear Still Jam Together

To celebrate the release of Medicine at Midnight, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Pat Smear returned to SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. Along…
Danielle Chelosky / February 12, 2021

Nirvana’s Bleach to Be Reissued as a Limited-Edition Red Cassette

At this point, there's been so many printings, pressings and reissues of Nirvana's 1989 debut Bleach that it's nearly impossible to keep track of which is what and…
Daniel Kohn / January 15, 2021

Ty Dolla $ign Covers ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

This year has been an odd one so far (to put it mildly), but you probably didn't have rapper/feature king (and former SPIN cover subject)…
Daniel Kohn / January 12, 2021

The 35 Best Albums of the Last 35 Years

Let’s face it: With most "Best Albums" lists, you know the broad strokes of the ranking before you even click. Part of that…
SPIN Staff / December 6, 2020

Krist Novoselic on the Lasting Impact of Nirvana

For many, Nirvana were the voice of Generation X. And with good reason. Kurt Cobain’s lyrics reflected elements of alienation and angst of the post-Boomer…
Daniel Kohn / December 6, 2020

The Most Influential Artists: #1 Nirvana

As part of our 35th anniversary, we’re naming the most influential artists of the past 35 years. Today, we’ve finally reached the top spot. From…
Daniel Kohn / December 6, 2020

Eddie Van Halen’s Iconic Guitars Sell for $422,000 at Legend-Studded Auction

Eddie Van Halen's "Frankenstrat" is easily one of the most recognizable instruments in rock history, and Kramer Guitars' early take on the design now belongs…
Josh Chesler / December 2, 2020

The 35 Greatest Concerts of the Last 35 Years

We know, we know — the best concert of all-time is your friend’s obscure indie-punk band playing a sweaty neighborhood basement back in ‘94. We admit…
SPIN Staff / November 28, 2020

The 35 Best Videos of the Last 35 Years

SPIN launched in the peak MTV era, when an innovative — or even just salacious — music video could make or break an…
SPIN Staff / November 26, 2020

Krist Novoselic’s Giants in the Trees Perform ‘Sasquatch’ to Promote The Dark Divide Film

After months of lockdown and separation, Giants in the Trees (featuring Nirvana's Krist Novoselic on bass, Jillian Raye on vocals/banjo and Jennifer Johnson on vocals) met…
Katherine Turman / October 30, 2020

Butch Vig Says Nevermind ‘Would Not Have the Same Cultural Impact’ Today

Nirvana's Nevermind continues to endure nearly 30 years, but would its legend be what it is if it was released today? Butch Vig isn't so sure.
Katherine Turman / October 27, 2020

Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl Join Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Letter to You Radio’

When Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You Radio was first announced by Apple Music, it was effectively guaranteed that the show's guests would be a who's…
Josh Chesler / October 20, 2020
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