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Review: Myrkur Foregrounds the Grace in Black Metal on the Live ‘Mausoleum’

It’s been nearly a year since Amalie Bruun shook the metal world with M, her debut LP, and more importantly, her formal unmasking as the…
Zoe Camp / August 15, 2016

Review: Of Montreal’s ‘Innocence Reaches’ Really Is Reaching

Of Montreal used to be quite winsome, and you won't get any more pleasure from complaining about their 14th album than you would listening to it.
Anna Gaca / August 11, 2016

Review: ‘Fishing Blues’ Is Atmosphere’s Worst Album by Far

Respect to Sean Daley; he's been thinking out loud for damn near 20 years now under the name Slug as part of the duo Atmosphere,…
Dan Weiss / August 11, 2016

Review: Rae Sremmurd Dim the Fun, Along With the Lights, on ‘SremmLife 2′

Last year, it was impossible to go anywhere — a nightclub, a rooftop barbecue, even the supermarket — without hearing the manically gleeful chants of Rae…
Mosi Reeves / August 10, 2016

Review: Katie Dey’s ‘Flood Network’ Is Rife With 404 Errors and Heartbreak

Australian songwriter and producer Katie Dey’s 2015 debut, asdfasdf, felt born from the internet. It wasn’t that social media fomented the cult musician’s rapid rise (though shoutouts from…
Colin Joyce / August 8, 2016

Review: DJ Khaled Is the Biggest Hypeman of All Time on ‘Major Key’

DJ Khaled is a movie star. You won’t literally see him at the Megaplex, but an invite to the Oscars red carpet isn't completely out…
Matthew Ramirez / August 4, 2016

Review: Dinosaur Jr.’s Minds Are Green as Ever on ‘Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not’

The guitar splatter of Dinosaur Jr. is one of the most instantly recognizable sounds of the early-‘90s alt-rock boom. But even given the influence of…
Eric Davidson / August 2, 2016

Review: Field Mouse Roar (Quietly) From Philadelphia on ‘Episodic’

Modern dream-pop is a versatile label, applied to the heady melodies of Beach House and the hooky sway of the Pains of Being Pure at…
Anna Gaca / August 1, 2016

SPIN Metal Report: Vektor Deliver Neo-Thrash’s Masterpiece and Inter Arma Explore Outer Space

For a genre whose fans are so often labeled (sometimes rightly) as rigid constructionists, metal’s last few years have been marked by an unprecedented burst…
Colin Joyce / July 29, 2016

Review: NAO Fumbles Toward Ecstasy on ‘For All We Know’

British R&B singer Neo Joshua has charted a slow — yet inexorable — path to her own startling breakout moment. She entered as one-fifth of…
Mosi Reeves / July 29, 2016

Review: Jeremih Bangs the World Senseless, One Continent at a Time, on ‘Late Nights: Europe’

When Jeremih emerged in 2009 with the quaint (but highly sensual) No. 4 hit "Birthday Sex," there was no sign until after his second album…
Israel Daramola / July 28, 2016

Review: Gucci Mane’s ‘Everybody Looking’ Is a Rap Comeback Like No Other

"I got the best intentions but I made rash decisions," Gucci Mane raps on "No Sleep (Intro)," an unflinching, autobiographical look at how southern rap’s…
Drew Millard / July 27, 2016

Review: Jamila Woods’ Vision of ‘HEAVN’ Is Neither Lost Nor Lonely

Collectivism in art is kind of bulls**t, no? How many artists have good-naturedly brought their squad with them to the top, only to find that…
Dan Weiss / July 26, 2016

Review: Descendents Embrace Oldage on ‘Hypercaffium Spazzinate’

Descendents making an album for old people, by old people: It sounds like a bad joke, even by the SoCal ex-brats' standards. For the better…
Andrew Unterberger / July 25, 2016

Review: Psalm Zero Put the Power in Corruption and Lies on ‘Stranger to Violence’

Psalm Zero was a departure for both of the New York industrial-metal group's main members: Vocalist/bassist Charlie Looker cut his teeth in experimental rock groups…
Andy O'Connor / July 22, 2016
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