Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig Shares First Elvis Cover Song

Glenn Danzig shared "One Night," the first song from his upcoming Danzig Sings Elvis album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Danzig explained the…
Daniel Kohn / April 9, 2020

Danzig Sings Elvis Finally Has a Release Date

Remember when Glenn Danzig promised to release an album of Elvis Presley covers? Well, that time has finally arrived. The album, aptly titled Danzig Sings…
Daniel Kohn / February 27, 2020

Blink-182 Celebrate Halloween With a Misfits Cover

Southern California pop punk heroes Blink-182 got into the Halloween spirit at the KROQ Halloween Costume Ball in Los Angeles.
Maggie Serota / October 29, 2019

Glenn Danzig Still Uses a Flip Phone

Cranky punk turned Fox News uncle Glenn Danzig appeared on the syndicated Full Metal Jackie radio show over the weekend to discuss his forthcoming Danzig…
Maggie Serota / June 18, 2019

Misfits Announce New Jersey Reunion Show With Original Lineup

The "Original" Misfits have announced an upcoming tour date in their home state of New Jersey, their first in the state in over 35 years. The band first…
Arielle Gordon / January 30, 2018

Glenn Danzig and Misfits Will Reunite Again to Play One Show This Year

After a year of new releases and horrendous opinions, Glenn Danzig will end the year by reuniting the original Misfits for the "only 2017 performance…
Brian Josephs / August 21, 2017

Danzig Defends Trump’s Travel Ban, Says Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Be “Selling Baby Parts”

Glenn Danzig held his Blackest Of The Black festival in Orange County, CA this weekend, bringing a castle, a bondage stage, a sacrificial altar, a…
Peter Helman, Stereogum / May 30, 2017

Danzig – “Devil on Hwy 9″

The Misfits reunited for Riot Fest last year, brining Glenn Danzig, bassist Jerry Only, and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein back together for the first time…
Andy Cush / April 21, 2017

Danzig’s Blackest of the Black Festival to Feature Padded Cell, Body Suspension, “Virgin Sacrifice”

A week ago, Glenn Danzig confirmed that his band Danzig has a new album on the way in May, and that his Blackest of the…
Anna Gaca / March 27, 2017

Glenn Danzig Will Reportedly Guest Star on ‘Portlandia’

According to an Instagram post from Carrie Brownstein, Glenn Danzig is slated to guest star on the upcoming sixth season of Portlandia, which is currently…
Rachel Brodsky / August 25, 2015

Glenn Danzig Plotting Elvis Presley Covers EP

Glenn Danzig has been busy lately pursuing a share of the Misfits merch that former bandmate Jerry Only has been peddling at Hot Topic stores across the…
Colin Joyce / August 18, 2014

Glenn Danzig Loses Lawsuit Over Crappy Misfits Merch Money

Back in April, Glenn Danzig filed a lawsuit against his old Misfits bandmate Jerry Only over Hot Topic's increasingly varied line of merch related to…
Dan Reilly / August 14, 2014

Read 10 Motherloving Pages of the ‘Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever’ Book

June 23, 1955, some hellish crag opened up and spit out the mighty metal scion now known as Glenn Danzig. Through his work with the…
Chris Martins / June 23, 2014

Austin Considers Statue of Glenn Danzig Riding a Dragon

Street signs? Check. Neighborhood association? Check. A statue of Glenn Danzig astride a fire-breathing dragon? Why not?At last night's Austin Music Commission, usually a tame…
Harley Brown / June 4, 2014

Rock, They Wrote: The 18 Best Music Books of 2013

We here at SPIN know from music books — many of us spend a more-than-healthy number of waking hours studying neither stock tips nor the…
SPIN Staff / December 19, 2013
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