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Glenn Danzig Loses Lawsuit Over Crappy Misfits Merch Money

Glenn Danzig Misfits Merch Lawsuit Jerry Only

Back in April, Glenn Danzig filed a lawsuit against his old Misfits bandmate Jerry Only over Hot Topic’s increasingly varied line of merch related to the iconic horror-punk group. It wasn’t that Glenn was mad about the band’s logo being printed on travel coffee mugs, knock-off Uggs, bikini bottoms, and sweatpants, he just wanted a cut of the cash based on a 1994 agreement between the Misfits’ members. Only called the suit “a sour grapes tantrum based on outrageous allegations” and while he didn’t go that far, Judge Gary Klausner ended up dismissing it entirely.

As Ultimate Classic Rock reports, here’s the basic gist, in legal speak: Neither Danzig or Only have the “non-exclusive right to conduct merchandising and to exploit other rights relating to the use and exploitation of the name Misfits … and neither [Only] nor [Danzig] has any obligation to account to the other for any revenues derived from the exploitation of merchandising or any other rights.” Basically, Danzig should’ve made the deal with Hot Topic first, and should’ve studied trademark licensing and retail back in “Horror Business” school.

If there’s any bright side to this “Green Hell,” at least Danzig might someday get a golden statue of him riding a dragon erected in Austin. We don’t see many people looking to do one of those for Only. And now we know why Glenn isn’t such a fan of the graphic novel tribute to his and Henry Rollins’ imagined domestic partnership: author Tom Neely hasn’t cut him in on the spoils. Kitty litter is pricey, after all.