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Glenn Danzig Orders Obnoxious Cell Phone Guy’s Destruction

Glenn Danzig Cell Phone Attack Punch Video Blood Tears

Glenn Danzig ordered audience members to punch a fellow fan after he was seen capturing video of the metal legend during a concert. The show took place on Wednesday night (October 9) at The Cuban Club in Ybor City, Florida. According to commenters who watched the YouTube clip above, there were apparently Yeah Yeah Yeahs-like signs posted cautioning against or prohibiting cell phone use during the performance. User filicid maintains he never saw such signs. He was filming “Blood and Tears” when Danzig spotted him, wagged a finger, and then laid down the gauntlet:

“Somebody punch that fuckin’ asshole right there,” said the man who was once punched-out by a dude who later wrote a book about the experience (entitled Don’t Ever Punch a Rock Star). At that moment we hear the crowd cheer and see an angry security guard shout, “Hey! before advancing on the camera. Reading further comments beneath the video, it seems filicid didn’t suffer any injury but was kicked out of the show. (And eventually made his way back in.) Regardless, he lived to return Danzig’s favor with the clip above, titled, “Glenn Danzig is an asshole.”