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Glenn Danzig Still Uses a Flip Phone

Glenn Danzig Uses a Flip Phone

Cranky punk turned Fox News uncle Glenn Danzig appeared on the syndicated Full Metal Jackie radio show over the weekend to discuss his forthcoming Danzig Sings Elvis  covers album and his experience as a burgeoning filmmaker.

The transcript of the interview published on Loudwire covers all the newsy items, like the fact that Danzig doesn’t foresee “many more Misfits shows” in his future and his next film project, which he describes as “a vampire spaghetti western.” As Danzig succinctly explained: “Everybody’s vampires in it.”

However, the real bombshell revelation occurred when the 63-year-old singer started waxing philosophical about the brief and fleeting nature of life, urging listeners to “get off the computer and go out and experience the real world.” This prompted the host to point out how Danzig brought big dad energy to the interview by brandishing his flip phone.

“Yeah, the phone tracking, and listening in and everything and all the hacking. I don’t need it,” Danzig said of his aversion to smartphones. “I don’t really want the flip phone. I don’t want people to get in touch with me when I’m out and about.”

Apparently no one had the heart to tell Danzig that flip phones are just as vulnerable to tracking and “listening in” as any other phone. In any case, Jackie tried and failed to corner Danzig into a scenario where he would have to admit owning a cellphone would in any way benefit his life. From Loudwire:

What if you’re out and about and your car breaks down?

Well, probably, your cell phone’s not gonna work in the middle of the desert anyway. [laughs]

Also, what if you’re someplace and you need an excuse to have to go and you call your friend and say, “Hey make the call so I can get out of here?”

I don’t do that. I just say, “I’m getting out of here, bye.” [laughs]

You win this round, Evil Elvis.

Unfortunately, Jackie didn’t say whether Danzig carries his flip phone around in a belt holster like a true Jersey sexagenarian, but it would look incredible next to that giant skull belt buckle he always wears.

In any case, keep an eye out for Glenn’s Danzig Sings Elvis album due out at an unspecified point this fall. Also, anyone who hasn’t seen the reunited Misfits hit up one of the four shows set for this summer and fall since it sounds like the frontman isn’t psyched on doing too many more.