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Blink-182 Celebrate Halloween With a Misfits Cover

Blink-182 Cover Misfits "Skulls": Watch

Southern California pop punk heroes Blink-182 got into the Halloween spirit with a cover of the Misfits classic “Skulls” at the KROQ Halloween Costume Ball in Los Angeles on October 26, with Matt Skiba assumed the role of vocalist Glenn Danzig. Those are some big shoes to fill, even if they are attached to a short man, but the Alkaline Trio singer-songwriter and avowed Danzig fan nailed it.

In addition to covering the Misfits, which is more or less legally mandated of every band playing live on the weekend before Halloween, the boys in Blink each dressed up as their own version of Joaquin Phoenix’s recent turn as the Joker. It’s like a Reddit thread come to life.

The band proudly shared their photos of their costumes on social media.

Although the members of Blink are proud goofballs, bassist and co-lead singer Mark Hoppus told KROQ that the band never really went all out on Halloween.

“I don’t know that we’ve played on Halloween,” Hoppus said ahead of the show.  “I’m sure we have played on Halloween, but we must not have done anything rad because none of us remember anything cool about it. Most of the time, I think we were home because we normally tour during the summers and during the spring.”

Hoppus also charmed listeners with his dad joke about how he wanted to win the evening’s costume contest with his “Post-It Malone” costume.