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Austin Considers Statue of Glenn Danzig Riding a Dragon

Street signs? Check. Neighborhood association? Check. A statue of Glenn Danzig astride a fire-breathing dragon? Why not?

At last night’s Austin Music Commission, usually a tame affair to discuss simpler things in life like block parties and murals, town resident James Moody brought up the idea of a Danzig sculpture. As Noisey points out, the owner of the Mohawk, a local concert venue (and the site of SXSW’s tragic car crash in March), told KEYE TV he was kidding… mostly. “If they’re willing to do it in gold” — with ruby eyes for the former Misfits frontman’s likeness — “I’ll submit it as a serious idea,” he added.

Danzig is certainly more deserving of a hideous statue than Kurt Cobain, who was recently immortalized in his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington. Marred by the Oedipal ode “Mother,” that kitty litter photohis onstage meltdown at Fun Fun Fun Fest a few years ago, and another tantrum over his legal rights to the revenue from all that terrible Misfits merch, Danzig’s legacy might stand to benefit from a little dragon-riding. 

If you need a refresher on his endlessly entertaining god-awfulness, be sure to check out our 2007 interview with Danzig.