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Rap Songs of the Week: Cam’ron Creepily Aims for Internet Relevance on ‘Instagram Catfish’

Cam'ron ft. Sen City, "Instagram Catfish"Wherein Killa Cam gets Internet topical over a sorta-tropical production (it sounds like something off Le1f's sensuous Tree House) that…
Brandon Soderberg / October 3, 2013

Dance Tracks of the Week: Jam City’s ‘Club Constructions’ Will Crush Your DJ Tools

Jam City, Club Constructions, Vol. 6 (Night Slugs) Night Slugs' Club Constructions series has one of the most unpretentious titles going. Designed to highlight the…
Philip Sherburne / October 3, 2013

Yoko Ono and the Flaming Lips Shriek for Peace on ‘Letterman’

Yoko Ono was an avant-garde luminary in her own right before the mainstream notoriety that came with marrying John Lennon, and she's still ever the…
Dan Reilly / October 3, 2013

Stream Four Tet’s Full, Mesmerizing ‘Beautiful Rewind’

Four Tet has been going his own way with upcoming album Beautiful Rewind, and now we can hear the sonic results in full. When U.K.
Marc Hogan / October 3, 2013

Iron Chic Fist-Pump With Death on ‘Sounds Like a Pretty Brutal Murder’

"Very well. The corpse is yours. Do what you want to do." So goes the line cribbed from 1959 B-movie The Brain That Wouldn't Die,…
Chris Martins / October 3, 2013

The Bottle Rockets Unearth Uncle Tupelo Team-Up ‘Indianapolis’

If you don't know the Bottle Rockets, there's no better time to get acquainted. See 'em up there, tipping their collective proverbial hat your way?
Chris Martins / October 3, 2013

Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne’s New Song Is Even Worse Than the Last One

Remember when Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne made that song together all about getting effed up over EDM beats? No? Well, it's fine because they've…
Chris Martins / October 2, 2013

Palma Violets Thrash Against Religious Mania in ‘Rattlesnake Highway’ Video

If you've never been to a Palma Violets show, their mainly live-footage video for "Rattlesnake Highway" will give you a slight idea. But until you're…
Dan Reilly / October 2, 2013

Dead Weather Forecast 2015 LP With ‘Open Up’-Led Singles Series

Over the summer, the biggest news involving Jack White centered on his ugly split from ex Karen Elson. The prolific rocker mainly stayed quiet until…
Dan Reilly / October 2, 2013

Hear Swearin’s Cranked-Up Fuzz-Rock Gem ‘Dust in the Gold Sack’

Below, Philly grunge-punk outfit Swearin' unveil the second song off of their upcoming sophomore album, Surfing Strange. "Dust in the Gold Sack" features bendy guitars,…
Dan Reilly / October 2, 2013

Watch Rihanna Twerk on Water in NSFW ‘Pour It Up’

After much ado over racy behind-the-scenes shots from Rihanna's "Pour It Up" video, the fiercely Unapologetic star does not fail deliver. Seen above, the brand new…
Chris Martins / October 2, 2013

Hunters Throw a Patriotic Redneck Party in ‘Narcissist’ Video

As SPIN learned last year, the principal members of Hunters aren't of the redneck persuasion, but you might think otherwise once you see their video…
Dan Reilly / October 2, 2013

Angel Haze Does It Their Way in ‘Echelon (It’s My Way)’ Video

"Tell me again how you're planning to beat them / By being as much like them as you possibly can." That's a line from the…
Marc Hogan / October 2, 2013

Hear White Lung ‘Blow It South’ on Darkly Clanging Single

White Lung blessed 2012 with one of the most unapologetically ripping albums of 2012 — Sorry, whose title we can only assume was meant with a…
Chris Martins / October 2, 2013

Phosphorescent Takes ‘Terror in the Canyons’ to Church for ‘Muchacho de Lujo’

During the recording of Phosphorescent's sixth album Muchacho, mastermind Matthew Houck mused on taking life as it comes. "A lot of this record, for me,…
Dan Reilly / October 2, 2013
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