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Used Cassettes Create Simple Garage Rock Bliss on ‘Ducati’

Seoul, South Korea-based band Used Cassettes are far from their disparate homes — its members hail from South Africa, Canada, and Detroit — but their sunny…
Megan Bradley / March 23, 2016

Totemo Finds Highs and Lows on the West Coast in ‘See Saw’ Video

Israeli singer-producer Totemo released her debut EP Heavy As My Dreams last year, a five-track work of unpredictably variegated electro-pop. After a battle with breast…
Megan Bradley / March 21, 2016

PINKWASH Control Their Chaos on ‘Longer Now’

The two members of Philadelphia duo PINKWASH, longtime friends Joey Doubek and Ashley Arnwine, have been creating together for the better part of a decade,…
Megan Bradley / March 10, 2016

Darkstar and Empress Of Debut New Collaboration, ‘Reformer’

U.K. electronic duo Darkstar, in collaboration with solo songstress Empress Of, have just dropped a haunting new song, "Reformer." It's the first taste of a new still-to-be-announced…
Megan Bradley / March 10, 2016

Ronnie Heart Bares His Funk-Laden Soul on ‘Smoovie’

Having previously played guitar for bands like Neon Indian and VEGA, Texas native Ronnie Heart is bringing his Michael Jackson- and Prince-inspired take on disco to…
Megan Bradley / March 7, 2016

Seinabo Sey Gives a Soul-Stirring Acoustic Performance of ‘Younger’

Stockholm-based chanteuse Seinabo Sey has always defied boundaries, both geographic — as a child, she frequently moved between her native Sweden and her father's home country…
Megan Bradley / February 25, 2016

Everyone (Joakim and Kindness) Slow Things Down on ‘No Time To Waste’

Joakim Bouaziz isn't your typical label head. On his own label, Tigersushi, the Paris native has recorded and produced a wide-ranging array of house projects, as…
Megan Bradley / February 19, 2016

Boulevards Hit a Groove With ‘Up On Your Love’

Citing early influences like Prince and Rick James, Boulevards — a.k.a. Jamil Rashad — is ready to bring the '70s funk kings' raw ethos to modern R&B. The…
Megan Bradley / February 19, 2016

Bryan J Asks ‘Why?’ On Michael Jackson-Sampling New Single

You may remember one of R&B's more chivalrous romantics, Bryan J, from 2010's sprightly "Let Me Take You Out," featuring Decatur, Georgia rap crew Travis Porter. Five years…
Megan Bradley / February 9, 2016

Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow Contemplate Transformation with ‘Dolomite’

Singer-songwriter Dana Falconberry— and five-piece backing band Medicine Bow— are as nature-focused as their names suggest. The Austin-based warbler is known for her organic and constantly shifting approach to…
Megan Bradley / February 9, 2016

Bambara Picture a Beautiful Nightmare on ‘All The Ugly Things’

It's safe to say the music of noise punk trio Bambara, who originally hail from Athens, Georgia, leaves much to be desired from southern hospitality.
Megan Bradley / February 5, 2016

Emmy the Great Finds Unity Through Isolation With ‘Part of Me’

Four years has lapsed since British singer/songwriter Emmy the Great's last record, 2012's Virtue, but she hasn't stopped creating since. Emmy, a.k.a. Emma-Lee Moss, made her…
Megan Bradley / February 2, 2016

Wire’s Colin Newman and Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel Murmur as Immersion on ‘Analogue Creatures 10′

Colin Newman, lead singer of punk pioneers Wire, and Malka Spigel, of formative Israeli experimentalists Minimal Compact, are back with their ongoing collaboration Immersion. The group's latest…
Megan Bradley / January 29, 2016

Carter Tanton Enlists Sharon Van Etten for Soaring ‘Twenty-Nine Palms’

Carter Tanton has spent a lot of time wandering. First known as frontman of now-defunct rockers Tulsa, the musician's musician has since lent his songwriting, producing, and…
Megan Bradley / January 26, 2016

These Dancers Get Down in Walter Martin’s ‘Down By the Singing Sea’ Video

After recording a children's album two years ago, the Walkmen's Walter Martin continues to cover new territory with his forthcoming LP Arts & Leisure, coming January 29…
Megan Bradley / January 14, 2016

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