Used Cassettes Create Simple Garage Rock Bliss on ‘Ducati’

(Photo by Courtesy of artist)

Seoul, South Korea-based band Used Cassettes are far from their disparate homes — its members hail from South Africa, Canada, and Detroit — but their sunny brand of punk needs no translation. Originally formed in 2009, the foursome already have a strong following in Asia, fortified by the release of 2012’s Cost of Living EP, a four-track work of jubilant rock. Used Cassettes are set to follow that up with the full-length Rock n Rills, out May 6 via Magic Strawberry Sound.

“Ducati” sets out as a surfer-approved jam with buoyant, chattering chords and steady percussion. Lead singer Danny Arens’ vocals are equally light-hearted, laying out the chorus with a sense of breezy lamentation: “You sold my Ducati / You can do anything you want / But don’t sell my Ducati.” Listen below.

Rock and Rills track list:
1. “At Barcelona”
2. “President”
3. “Sergio Leone”
4. “Wasted”
5. “Ducati”
6. “Amy”
7. “She Got Burned”
8. “Pat Walsh is Here”
9. “Whip of the Master”
10. “Ghost Stories”
11. “I’m Insane”
12. “Rock and Rill”


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