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Boulevards Hit a Groove With ‘Up On Your Love’

Citing early influences like Prince and Rick James, Boulevards — a.k.a. Jamil Rashad — is ready to bring the ’70s funk kings’ raw ethos to modern R&B. The North Carolina native’s self-titled EP established him as an artist to watch last year, and the singer/newly minted soul master will soon return with a forthcoming LP, Groove!, which is slated for release on April 1 via Captured Tracks.

The record’s second single, “Up On Your Love,” recalls an original Rick Jamesian jam with stripped down-instrumentation and bass and percussion at the forefront. Yet everything takes a backseat to Rashad’s vocals, which utilize a range of textures as he rasps the chorus: “Only a fool would give up on your love, I can’t wait to get up on your love.”

Stream “Up On Your Love” below.