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It’s a Rick James Documentary, Bitch!

Dave Chappelle, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, and others are among the wish list of participants in an upcoming documentary on the late Rick James. Set to be completed in October 2006, and making its premiere at Sundance 2007, I’m Rick James is being co-produced by James’ daughter, Ty, and will include some high-tech features: Thanks to “CGI elements…Rick tells his own life story,” a spokesperson for HiddenDoor Documedia, the creators of the film, told

While a handful of figures from James’ life have signed on, the producers are still working on snagging some of the names on their wish list, including Chappelle, Rhymes, and Snoop.

An accompanying soundtrack is also in the works, and will feature “some classic Rick, some unreleased tracks, and some contemporary artists remixing Rick,” the film’s producers say.

Talk: Doesn’t Chappelle basically owe these folks a few hours of his time, after using Rick as one of his marquee characters? COMMENT

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