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Totemo Finds Highs and Lows on the West Coast in ‘See Saw’ Video

Israeli singer-producer Totemo released her debut EP Heavy As My Dreams last year, a five-track work of unpredictably variegated electro-pop. After a battle with breast cancer, the artist is set to return with a new self-released EP, Desire Path. The lead single, “See Saw,” oscillates between highs and lows, the quavering subtleties in her voice brought to the forefront by a brawny, spacious bass line and minimal percussion. Its accompanying video, which she both directed and produced, finds the artist wandering through different areas of San Francisco, her lyrics sewn seamlessly into the shots. The changing idyllic locales — steep cliffs, dark coastlines, urban hills — mirror the careful instability of the song: “The symmetry will keep us from tipping over, the seesaw.” Listen below.