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Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow Contemplate Transformation with ‘Dolomite’

Off of 'From the Forest Came the Fire,' out April 1

Singer-songwriter Dana Falconberry— and five-piece backing band Medicine Bow— are as nature-focused as their names suggest. The Austin-based warbler is known for her organic and constantly shifting approach to folk, most notably on 2012’s dreamy Leelanau, named after her rural Michigan hometown. She’s since worked with Spoon drummer and producer Jim Eno on a session series from his Public Hi Fi studio, resulting in experimental forays “Palmless” and “Seven Hills.” Due to release her upcoming full-length From The Forest Came The Fire April 1 via Modern Outsider, Falconberry returns with the album’s lilting lead single “Dolomite.” Of her inspiration, she states:

I wrote “Dolomite” over a long period of lots of touring, and a sort of tumultuous time in my life. It’s pretty much just your typical break up song about a person transforming into a bird. I’m fascinated by the idea of change starting from within a person, especially when it seems to be sparked by some unknown force. That kind of change can be extremely invigorating but can come at a price if it affects the people around you negatively. This song is my attempt to grapple with that concept within myself. Also, I can’t seem to write a song that doesn’t have some sort of bird reference in it, so there you go.

“Dolomite” lends itself to her trademark gentle profundity, while also incorporating light distortion and fleeting electronic elements. Just as her avian-centric imagery suggests, the almost-seven minute track transforms from a tragic acoustic lamentation to a multilayered orchestral interlude— and back again.

Stream “Dolomite” below, and preorder From The Forest Came The Fire here.