the best albums of 2015
Photo Illustration by James Grebey
The 50 Best Albums of 2015 So Far

Chastity Belt, Time to Go Home
(Hardly Art)

Gather your crystals, because the sophomore album by Seattle post-punk quartet Chastity Belt fluoresces like a neon sign for a $10 palm read. Recorded in a deconstructed cathedral and mixed by legendary Wire guitarist Matthew Sims, Time to Go Home is a throwback to the mid-’80s. Stirring anthems like “Time to Go Home” and “Drone” put Chastity Belt up there with fellow goth revivalists like Cold Cave, Wax Idols, or even Dum Dum Girls on their last record. All that’s missing are the synths. And though Time to Go Home does address classic gothic tropes (fog, death, apathy), lyrics like, “He was just another man trying to teach me something” (“Drone”) and “So what? We like to fuck” (“Cool Slut”) invoke a feminist creed as brazen as an early ’90s riot grrrl outfit. Time to Go Home breaks new personal and political ground as Chastity Belt trades clichéd nihilism for proactively feminist post-punk. — BRYN LOVITT

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