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!!! Confirm On-Brand ‘R!M!X!S’ Album With Thumping ‘Californiyeah’ Remix

Funk-punks !!! are still touring the globe in support of their Thr!!!er LP, and now the Nic Offer-led outfit have a bonus treat for fans.
Kyle McGovern / October 9, 2013

Shaq-Faux Comes Out of Rap Retirement for Hilarious ‘Karate Chop’ Remix

Shaq Diesel is back! Um, sort of. There's no reason at this point — we're crossing our fingers though — to assume the voice you…
Chris Martins / October 9, 2013

Marginal Rappers Pull Food-Related Stunts for Fun and Profit

We're guessing that at some point in the last couple of years, Coolio took a look at his life, and realized ... well, that his…
Chris Martins / October 9, 2013

Camera Obscura’s ‘Troublemaker’ Video Cloaks Deep Angst in ’80s Sci-Fi

Morrissey once sang about "glass hidden in the grass." Camera Obscura know just as well the power of luring listeners in with springy, approachable indie-pop,…
Marc Hogan / October 9, 2013

Stream Greetings From Tuskan’s Glimmering Electronic Beauty ‘The Love From Afar’

Greetings From Tuskan is Belgium's Joëlle Lê, a gifted producer with a cinematic eye and a gentle ear who earned her first shine in 2006…
Chris Martins / October 9, 2013

Volcano Choir Share Stunning Live Video, ‘Comrade Remix’ EP

A few weeks back, SPIN spent 36 hours with Volcano Choir just before the Justin Vernon-led collective hit the road in support of their must-hear…
Kyle McGovern / October 9, 2013

Hear Nirvana Trace ‘Nevermind’ Success in Unearthed ’90s Interviews

Another day, another rare Nirvana treasure unearthed. The beloved band's latter days were just reexamined via the "Super Deluxe" In Utero reissue, but British journalist…
Kyle McGovern / October 9, 2013

Watch Flatbush Zombies Commit Zombie-on-Zombie Crime in ‘Death’ Video

In the new video for "Death", the New York rap group Flatbush Zombies ride through some woods and up to a mobile home to commit…
Jordan Sargent / October 9, 2013

Stream Tristen’s Synth-Lined ‘C A V E S’

Single-named singer-songwriter Tristen dug into Nashville's roots with her 2011 debut Charlatans at the Garden Gate, but the Chicago-reared tunesmith wanted to veer in a…
Kyle McGovern / October 9, 2013

Hear Drowners’ Swooning Single ‘Luv, Hold Me Down’

Drowners, like so many wounded New York City romantics before them, first crossed paths in the downtown bar scene. Singer-guitarist Matt Hitt passed some demos…
Kyle McGovern / October 9, 2013

Watch Aussie Psych-Poppers’ the Ancients’ Toe-Tapping ‘Hey Now’ Video

On October 18, Melbourne psych-pop five-piece the Ancients will release new album Night Bus on Australian label Chapter Music (Beaches, Cannanes, Pikelet). Lead single "Molokai"
Marc Hogan / October 9, 2013

Watch Melt-Banana’s Epileptic ‘The Hive’ Video

Melt-Banana recently returned from a six-year absence with fetch, a manic album that SPIN described as "punk at its most windswept, pop at it's most convulsive,…
Kyle McGovern / October 9, 2013

Mary Timony’s New Band Ex Hex Shares Rollicking ‘Hot and Cold’

Mary Timony has quietly started a new band, and their first song online isn't quiet at all. Timony, last seen portraying a motel housekeeper in…
Marc Hogan / October 9, 2013

20 Albums You Can Hear Now: Pearl Jam, Fall Out Boy, Cass McCombs, Dismemberment Plan, More

Clear your schedule: We've collected streams of brand new albums by Pearl Jam, Cass McCombs, the Dismemberment Plan, the Head and the Heart, Tim Hecker,…
Kyle McGovern / October 9, 2013

Giorgio Moroder Sings on Remix of Claire’s Disco Throbber ‘Broken Promise Land’

Of all of the developments to accompany Daft Punk's disco-revitalizing return, the second coming of Giorgio Moroder has got to be the greatest. The legendary…
Chris Martins / October 9, 2013
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