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Grizzly Bear Rock with the London Symphony

This year, Halloween in London provided for a truly haunting pairing. That's haunting in the "beautiful! goosebumps!" sense and not the poltergeist one, and it's…
Melissa Goldstein / November 2, 2009

Rumble Strips Debut New Album Live

Wednesday night's Rumble Strips album launch party in London had all the trappings of a music industry wedding.
Melissa Goldstein / July 16, 2009

Watch: The Game’s Michael Jackson Tribute Video

The team behind the Michael Jackson tribute track "Better On the Other Side" has unveiled a companion music video.
Melissa Goldstein / July 1, 2009

Public Memorial for Michael Jackson Planned, Tribute Concert Afoot?

Despite much media speculation, Michael Jackson's body will not be transported tomorrow to the singer's former residence, Neverland Ranch, for a public viewing, but a…
Melissa Goldstein / July 1, 2009

MGMT, Karen O Featured on New Flaming Lips Album

Show of hands: Who here sometimes forgets about phone conversations they've had late at night? Fair enough. Okay, now keep your hands up if those…
Melissa Goldstein / June 30, 2009

Watch: Dirty Projectors Debut New Video

Brooklyn art rockers the Dirty Projectors have released a video for R&B-inflected Bitte Orca track "Stillness Is the Move." And unlike Jay-Z's new video, this…
Melissa Goldstein / June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson: Unfinished Business

While the investigation into Michael Jackson's untimely death persists, new information about the star's final projects continues to emerge.
Melissa Goldstein / June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Death: The Fallout

Janet Jackson paid emotional tribute to her brother Michael at Sunday night's BET Awards, responding to an audience-wide standing ovation by saying, "To you, Michael…
Melissa Goldstein / June 29, 2009

Jay-Z Debuts “D.O.A.” Video

It's one thing to announce the "Death Of Auto-Tune." But it's quite another to get Harvey Keitel and LeBron James involved.
Melissa Goldstein / June 28, 2009

Watch: The Roots Debut New Tune On ‘Late Night’

The Roots debuted the title track from their upcoming album, How I Got Over, last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where they also…
Melissa Goldstein / June 25, 2009

Bon Iver Side-Project Sets Release Date

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has revealed further details around his experimental side-project Volcano Choir.
Melissa Goldstein / June 25, 2009

Kanye West Vomits Roses In Spike Jonze Film

Back in March, word got out that Spike Jonze and Kanye West were set to work on a mysterious short film together. The news came…
Melissa Goldstein / June 25, 2009

Snoop Dogg’s New Protege: Buzz Aldrin!?!

Rapper Snoop Dogg knows how to get high. But neither he nor any of his usual collaborators have been higher than his new partner-in-rhyme.
Melissa Goldstein / June 24, 2009

Watch: 50 Cent’s Sensitive Slow Jam

Either 50 Cent has been secretly collaborating with the Flight of the Conchords team, or he's just been hording his "master of satire" abilities until…
Melissa Goldstein / June 24, 2009

Sunny Day Real Estate Reunite!

Sunny Days are here again. Following months of rumors of a Sunny Day Real Estate reunion, the Seattle emo pioneers have confirmed a 20-date fall…
Melissa Goldstein / June 23, 2009

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