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Noel Gallagher Was Going to Fix Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’ for Reissue, But Then He Didn’t

Oasis' third album Be Here Now kind of imploded their stranglehold over the charts in 1997, with an infamously druggy reputation (allegedly the Gallaghers were…
Dan Weiss / July 22, 2016

ScHoolboy Q Unveils Car-Centric ‘JoHn Muir’ Video

ScHoolboy Q's excellent third album Blank Face LP dropped earlier this month and its dark introspection and classic West Coast gangsta noir has reignited the…
Dan Weiss / July 21, 2016

Jeremih’s ‘Late Nights: Europe’ Mixtape Is Out Now

After finally releasing his long-promised and warmly received Late Nights: The Album full-length at the tail of 2015, and contributing "Saw It Coming" to the…
Dan Weiss / July 20, 2016

Wilco Have Named Their New Album ‘Schmilco’ Because the Kings of Dad-Rock Also Love Dad Jokes

In case you didn't find Wilco's last album title (Star Wars) and its accompanying cat artwork just quite lulzy enough for a proper midlife-crisis, return-to-roots…
Dan Weiss / July 19, 2016

Sleigh Bells Unveil Another ‘Hyper Dark’ New Song and Announce Tour Dates

The damn-near uncategorizable duo Sleigh Bells last bestowed the impossible "Rule Number One" upon us, a "Bohemian Rhapsody" for the trap-metal-cheerleader-pop set that some SPIN…
Dan Weiss / July 19, 2016

Review: With ‘Cheetah,’ Aphex Twin Isn’t Just Back, He’s Prolific Again

At its essence, the act of record-reviewing becomes sort of a pass-fail proposition: If anyone’s reading, they mostly just want to know if they should…
Dan Weiss / July 8, 2016

Review: On ‘Nice as F**k,’ Jenny Lewis’ New Band Is Just Okay as F**k

One thing Jenny Diane Lewis is not, is a minimalist. Take one of her absolute greatest compositions in a crowded canon: 2004’s "It’s a Hit."
Dan Weiss / July 6, 2016

Jamie xx Has Shared an Ambitious New Video for ‘Gosh’

Last year's dreamy patchwork In Colour brought Jamie xx a level of success not usually associated with, like, solo albums by the sole non-singing member…
Dan Weiss / July 1, 2016

Watch Rihanna’s (Inter)Stellar New ‘Sledgehammer’ Video

Rihanna has finally dropped her "Sledgehammer" clip from the Star Trek: Beyond soundtrack, which is directed by Floria Sigismondi, who's done videos for the likes…
Dan Weiss / June 30, 2016

Of Montreal Throw a Party in New ‘It’s Different for Girls’ Video

Of Montreal's new synth-dance single "It's Different for Girls" is an immensely quotable, spiritual sequel to LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls" down to the pee commentary…
Dan Weiss / June 30, 2016

So Tight Their Lovin’ Squeaked: Aerosmith Were Too Good to Ever Be Cool

There was a time not so long ago, in a pre-Trump, pre-Brexit world, when a mythically thin line between stupid and clever existed. Not to…
Dan Weiss / June 29, 2016

Young Thug Debuts ‘Turn Up’ With a Scantily-Clad Video

Young Thug, he of many songs and surprises and songs that are also surprises, has surprised us yet again with another new song "Turn Up,"
Dan Weiss / June 29, 2016

Elvis Presley Guitarist and Right-Hand Man Scotty Moore Has Died

You know "Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Blue Suede Shoes," and he played on all of them. Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley's longtime guitarist and…
Dan Weiss / June 29, 2016

Joey Fatone of ‘NSYNC Meets His Destiny and Opens a Hot Dog Stand

Joey Fatone from 'NSYNC is doubling down on your s**tty friends' nickname for him in junior high and opening a hot dog stand called Fat…
Dan Weiss / June 28, 2016

Watch Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar Perform ‘Freedom’ at 2016 BET Awards

The 2016 BET Awards were very obviously highlighted last night by two of the most beloved artists of the 2010s, Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar, who…
Dan Weiss / June 27, 2016

The SPIN Interview: Kathleen Hanna

At 47, Kathleen Hanna has demolished punk and rebuilt it several times over in the name of grrrls everywhere. Fronting her zine-turned-seminal-band Bikini Kill, she…
Dan Weiss / June 23, 2016

Review: Mitski Really Gives Emo Something to Write Home About on ‘Puberty 2′

Much as it's reviled by its practitioners, the label of what is or isn’t "emo" has always been more of a, hm, dick move to…
Dan Weiss / June 13, 2016

Big Wild and Tove Styrke Unveil New Video for the Bouncy, Brassy ‘Aftergold’

"I give up so easily," sings Tove Styrke on Big Wild's kinetic new single "Aftergold," though that's probably a lie. The Kiddo singer worked hard…
Dan Weiss / June 9, 2016

Review: Paul Simon Is Still Filling Out a (Corporeal) Form on ‘Stranger to Stranger’

Over his three-quarters of a century on this mortal coil, Paul Simon’s never made two great albums in a row. This isn’t a problem — his…
Dan Weiss / June 8, 2016

The Paranoid Style Announce Debut Album and Share Witty New Single, ‘Common Emergencies’

"Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah again — aw, f**k," sums up Elizabeth Nelson nicely: a polymath of canonical, even traditional song, with plenty of monkey…
Dan Weiss / June 7, 2016

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