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Madonna Shows Up for Black Lives Matter Protest on Crutches

The pop icon's recent knee injury didn't stop her from marching against racism in London

Before COVID-19 destroyed touring artists’ entire year, Madonna had already had to cancel a number of 2020 dates on her Madame X tour due to a knee injury she sustained after falling on stage in March. But this setback didn’t stop the icon from attending today’s Parliament Square march for Black Lives Matter in London, in which thousands of people showed up to demand justice for George Floyd and all victims of racially disproportionate police brutality.

Pictures and videos of the star surfaced on Twitter of her hugging fellow protestors and chanting “No justice, no peace” along with them. It’s always heartening to see a very rich person listening to the people and directing their platform and clout toward a good cause, and god we all miss hugs, but we really hope she’s still taking caution regarding social distancing.

Either way, this is a better show of solidarity than posting her son’s dancing.