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15 Albums You Can Hear Now: Best Coast, Omar Souleyman, Ryan Hemsworth, and More

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Happy Thursday! We’ve gift-wrapped new albums by Best Coast, Omar Souleyman, Poliça, Ryan Hemsworth, Chief Keef, and many more. They’re all streaming right now — find links below. 

1) Best Coast, Fade Away.Fade Away contains a ‘faster-paced, energetic set of songs inspired by Mazzy Star, Patsy Cline, My Bloody Valentine, and Ambien.’ Indeed, the pint-sized LP returns Best Coast to their wake-and-heartbreak roots: This new batch of songs sports some of the spit shine of last year’s slightly countrified The Only Place, but, by and large, Fade Away hews closer to the West Coast power-pop the twosome perfected on their 2010 breakthrough Crazy for You.” — SPIN (via SoundCloud)

2) Omar Souleyman, Wenu Wenu. “Omar Souleyman is the hottest Syrian speaker-slayer at work in the West, with an audience full of serious underground record nerds, as well as stars such as Björk and Damon Albarn… [For] Wenu Wenu, Souleyman united with Ribbon Music — and enlisted help on the mixing desk from Four Tet mastermind Kieran Hebden, who splits time between London and New York, as well as points ever-evolving on the pan-global electronic dance scene. The result is a jam so visceral, thrilling and intense as to make the mysterious matter of earthly borders seem hardly worth the time to contemplate.” (via NPR)

3) Poliça, Shulamith. “The electro-R&B band Poliça formed so swiftly and broke out of Minneapolis so rapidly that 2012’s Give You the Ghost couldn’t help but sound singular and cohesive… For a second album, Shulamith (out Oct. 22) is nearly perfect. Not only does it build on the band’s established sound — a slinky, otherworldly style of electro-pop that mixes Channy Leaneagh’s angelic voice with distorted, occasionally disturbing sound manipulations and harrowing dual drums — but it also pushes them forward into exciting new creative areas.” (via NPR)

4) Ryan Hemsworth, Guilt Trips. “Following a steady stream of mixtapes and one-off drops over the last two years, Guilt Tripsis Ryan Hemsworth’s first [album] proper, and sees the prolific Canadian recruit a motley crew of collaborators. Guests on the album include Haleek Maul, Metro Zu’s Lofty 305, Kitty, Baths, Sinead Harnett and Tinashe; expect slanted beat music with a sense of humor.” — Fact (via Pitchfork)

5) Patrick Cowley, School Daze. “Patrick Cowley is the disco equivalent of a Jimi Hendrix or a Janis Joplin — an electronic-music trailblazer who died while his records were packing dance floors and setting trends… but unlike Hendrix or Joplin, Cowley lacked a self-destructive streak; he was simply one of the first to die of AIDS, in 1982 — before it even had a name, before there were guidelines governing safe sex and the rest. With disco back in the mainstream courtesy of Daft Punk, Pharrell and other contemporary students, it’s fitting that Cowley’s non-disco output is finally getting an underground-targeted release… School Daze (out Oct. 19) features Cowley’s secret stash of experimental sounds that are even more erotic and illicit than his club anthems.” (via NPR)

6) Chief Keef, Almighty So. “Chief Keef has released his latest mixtape, Almighty So… Keef keeps guest appearances to a minimum on this tape, enlisting Cdai and Tadoe on a total of three songs. Almighty So, hosted by DJ Scream, is a 15-song blend of hard bangers that are guaranteed to knock in the whip and more experimental street raps. Keef also gets somewhat personal on certain songs, reflecting on the fame he has garnered in the last year and some of the legal situations that have arised since then.” — Complex (via LiveMixtapes)

7) Marijuana Deathsquads, Oh My Sexy Lord. “Ryan Olson, co-founder of Poliçaand main brain behind Gayngs, also moonlights as one of the leaders of Minneapolis-based collectiveMarijuana Deathsquads. Co-headed by members Stefon Alexander (a.k.a. P.O.S.) and Isaac Gale, Marijuana Deathsquads are about to unleash their latest album, Oh My Sexy Lord, an 11-track LP that fuses jagged grooves, scratchy analog effects, and robo-warped vocals into a full-length, experimental freakout.” (via SPIN)

8) Liquor Store, In the Garden. “There’s something economical about naming your band Liquor Store, and it has nothing to do with bargain-hunting for booze. The handle says more than any genre ever could — it speaks to a sound and a state of mind with incredible ease. You will not be surprised when we tell you that these five fellas love beer, hail from New Jersey, and dubbed their first album Yeah Buddy. But we are not here to discuss the past. Liquor Store are only interested in a version of the future where their classic rock — as heard on second LP In the Garden — fills not only the interiors of every sweet ‘Stang from there to the Pacific, but each arena of this fine nation as well. The eight songs [on In the Garden] are tough, hook-forward, and jam-packed celebrations of a life well-lived under the flapping grace of Old Glory.” (via SPIN)

9) The Can’t Tells, No Television. “Back in August, the Can’t Tells took SPIN on a memorable trip to the ‘Drugstore,’ a lunging lead single that offered an early glimpse at the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boston trio’s debut album, the fast-approaching No Television. Now, with the record’s October 22 release date looming, the Can’t Tells have made the entire effort available to hear in full. Each band member — Mike DiSanto (guitar/vocals/bass), Blaze McKenzie (bass/vocals/guitar), and Jonathan Smith (drums) — is credited with producing and writing songs for the LP, amounting to a 10-track set that’s rough-edged yet tuneful, cocky but still prone to the jitters, and wordy while feeling like an album-length inner monologue.” (via SPIN)

10) Shadowrunners, Shadowrunners. “Rapper Himself the Majestic and producer Froskees make up Shadowrunners. They create aggressive, declarative hip-hop usually backed by Memphis-tinged production that connects the sonic dots between the skittering electronics of buck/crunk music and the fluttering synth squeaks of old video games… On ‘European Cars,’ the opening track to their self-titled album, Himself intones suicidal thoughts with a sense of Livejournal-era confessionalism, and materialistic, Kanye West-like wit… [it’s] an appropriate mood-setter for the rest of Shadowrunners, which mixes aspirational partying with wrestling-nerd references and regular dude, twentysomething ennui.” (via SPIN)

11) Carnivores, Second Impulse. “Atlanta has a way of breeding its punks to be grade-A weirdos. The same town that’s given us Black Lips, Deerhunter, and other wonderful cross-pollinations now offers up Carnivores. In truth, this five-piece band of psychedelic skuzz-pop bandits has been kicking around long enough to drop two albums and a handful of EPs, but something happened on the way up to their brand new LP, Second Impulse. The group discovered a deeper strangeness and wound up with a mix of surf-pop, post-punk, new wave, and garage rock.” (via SPIN)

12) Courtesy Drop, Songs to Drive to; Cry, and Make Love to. “A few things are made clear by the name of Courtesy Drop’s… second album Songs to Drive to; Cry, and Make Love to: The Nashville crew’s great ambition and epic mood swings… [The] follow-up to 2011’s What Makes This Place Worth Calling Our Home delivers 13 tracks of heart-on-the-sleeve post-hardcore. Courtesy Drop have already let go a handful of songs from the LP — ‘Goodbye, Fairlane Drive,’ as well as ‘Science Is a Liar Sometimes,’ and ‘Mineral Extracts’ — and now the foursome are streaming the entire record right here at SPIN.” (via SPIN)

13) Tristen, C A V E S. “Single-named singer-songwriter Tristen dug into Nashville’s roots with her 2011 debut Charlatans at the Garden Gate, but the Chicago-reared tunesmith wanted to veer in a different direction with her follow-up. ‘At first I wanted to make a dance record,’ she says in an official statement. ‘That’s where my headspace was… I wanted to challenge the acoustic reverence of the Americana music world and I wanted to piss off the old folkies. Is there something wrong with that?’ Enter C A V E S, an 11-track full-length that recasts Tristen as a synth-pop siren… [The album] nods to the Eurythmics (‘Catalyst’), Kate Bush (‘Winter Night’), and, in spirit, Henry Rollins (Tristen credits the former Black Flag leader as the inspiration behind ‘Forgiveness’).” (via SPIN)

14) Greetings From Tuskan, The Love From Afar. “Greetings From Tuskan is Belgium’s Joëlle Lê, a gifted producer with a cinematic eye and a gentle ear who earned her first shine in 2006 with a gorgeous downtempo set dubbed Lullabies for the Warriors. She put her solo career on hold after that however, and didn’t pop up again until 2009 as one half of Bike for Three! with Canadian indie-rap original Buck 65. After an inspired album, More Heart Than Brains, that project too seemed to fade into the annals of left-field electronica, but both are now finding new life… The Love From Afar [is] a free 12-song set from Tuskan (via the Circle Into Square label) that finds our host unspooling upbeat beauty on songs like ‘Vestal Adoration,’ and exploring calmer vistas via tracks like ‘I Wish I Was Stronger.’ Throughout, her piano-work and choice in found sounds reign supreme.” (via SPIN)

15) All Tiny Creatures, All Die Out Mixtape. “When three out of four members of this band aren’t, you know, being Volcano Choir with Justin Vernon, they are All Tiny Creatures, a gang of psychedelia-oriented pop-explorers with an ear for soaring melodies. You’d think their schedule would be a bit packed at the moment… but the quartet have found the time to create the original mixtape below as well. Like The Book Mixtape and A Lone Sound Mixtape before it, the All Die Out Mixtape borrows its title from a preexisting song whose origins and after-the-fact offshoots are explored therein… The end result is a mixture of glistening orchestral ambience, left-field psych-pop, burbling glitch, and other loveliness.” (via SPIN)