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Stream Tristen’s Synth-Lined ‘C A V E S’

Tristen 'C A V E S' Album Stream

Single-named singer-songwriter Tristen dug into Nashville’s roots with her 2011 debut Charlatans at the Garden Gate, but the Chicago-reared tunesmith wanted to veer in a different direction with her follow-up. “At first I wanted to make a dance record,” she says in an official statement. “That’s where my headspace was… I wanted to challenge the acoustic reverence of the Americana music world and I wanted to piss off the old folkies. Is there something wrong with that?” 

Enter C A V E S, an 11-track full-length that recasts Tristen as a synth-pop siren. Due October 15 via her very own PUPsnake Records, the upcoming effort nods to the Eurythmics (“Catalyst”), Kate Bush (“Winter Night”), and, in spirit, Henry Rollins (Tristen credits the former Black Flag leader as the inspiration behind “Forgiveness”). Stream the entire collection below, and place a pre-order through iTunes.