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Hear All Tiny Creatures’ Beautifully Far-Out ‘All Die Out’ Mixtape

All Tiny Creatures 'All Die Out' Mixtape Stream

When three out of four members of this band aren’t, you know, being Volcano Choir with Justin Vernon, they are All Tiny Creatures, a gang of psychedelia-oriented pop-explorers with an ear for soaring melodies. You’d think their schedule would be a bit packed at the moment — what with their own album Dark Clock out now (Hometapes) alongside a lovely new LP called Repave — but the quartet have found the time to create the original mixtape below as well. Like The Book Mixtape and A Lone Sound Mixtape before it, the All Die Out Mixtape borrows its title from a preexisting song whose origins and after-the-fact offshoots are explored therein. To clarify: Below you’ll hear Dark Clock‘s “All Die Out” bookended by All Tiny Creatures music that either helped inspire or was inspired by the central tune. Oh, and there’s also a remix of “Holography” (from 2011’s Harbors) remixed by Cloak Ox member and solo artist Dosh. The end result is a mixture of glistening orchestral ambience, left-field psych-pop, burbling glitch, and other loveliness.

All Tiny Creatures, All Die Out mixtape track list:

1. “Dinoplax”
2. “Second Language” (feat. Aquarelle)
3. “All Die Out”
4. “Holography” (Dosh remix)
5. “Third Language” (feat. Aquarelle)
6. “Mond”