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Kanye West Capable of Love, at Least While Cameras Roll

'Yeezus' MC demonstrates softer side in softball chat with mom-in-law Kris Jenner

Kanye West’s temper hasn’t been doing him any favors lately. This summer alone, the Yeezus MC has faced charges of misogyny, gotten into much-publicized scuffles with paparazzi, and, just yesterday, found himself on the receiving end of a lawsuit from celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. Seriously — even Trent Reznor is worried about the man’s mental and creative health.

But Kanye wants to set the record straight. He wants the world to know that he really is a sweet, joyful guy who loves and respects women, specifically one woman: Kim Kardashian. As SPIN noted earlier this week, Mr. West has recorded an hour-long interview with his baby mama’s mama, Kris Jenner, for her daytime talk show Kris. (Sure, FOX’s American Idol is “too mainstream” for the “Black Skinhead” rapper, but FOX’s Kris is fair game.)

The segment will air on Friday, August 23, during the program’s season finale, but producers have shared a minute-long preview of the episode. Speaking with his not-quite-mother-in-law, West reflects on his relationship with Kardashian and the power of becoming a father.

“My grandfather just passed and his whole thing, it was never about money, it was never about popularity, his whole thing was joy — having joy in his life,” ‘Ye says in the teaser. “She’s my joy and she brought my new joy into the world.”

Jenner eggs him on from across the couch (dropping little descriptors like “amazing”), and the studio audience responds with cued applause, basically congratulating Kanye for being capable of feeling love. To see a softer side of “the nucleus,” watch the clip above.