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Kanye West to Sit Down for Interview With Baby’s Mother’s Mother

Kanye West Kris Jenner Talk Show Interview Kim

Kanye West has kept a fairly low profile where all interviews are concerned — it was part of his M.O. from the jump but tactic evolved into necessity as he became a genuine celebrity, plus had a few hulking public faux pas to boot. But if there’s one person with a couch and a microphone who can get Yeezus himself to sit down for a chat, it’s the man’s baby’s mother’s mother — Kris Jenner, who hosts the Fox-backed daytime talk show Kris.

As EW reports, West stopped by his sorta mom-in-law’s work on Monday (August 19) to record an hour-long chat set to air on Friday, August 23. Notably, this will be his first televised interview since his pretty terrible talk with Matt Lauer for the Today Show in November 2010, in which Ye got heated over some of the hammy techniques regularly employed by the show, and — to his credit — the show managed to misspell his name.

In keeping with tradition (the Lauer segment placed much focus on West’s Katrina-inspired Bush dis), the rap auteur is expected to discuss President Obama’s recent remarks about his vacationing habits. Also promised: discussion of his newfound fatherhood and the joys of baby North West; his thoughts and feelings about falling in love with Kim Kardashian; and his unorthodox strategy in dealing with the press.

The lesson here? Don’t talk to Kanye … unless his genes have mingled with your own. Speaking of, has Jenner actually listened to Yeezus? Because, like, you know, all that Hamptons stuff might be awkward.