Dan Boeckner: Sound Politics

Credit: Liam Maloney

It’s a nice day because Dan Boeckner says Wolf Parade have written about six new songs and will put out some new music this year. It’s also a nice dayMore »


The members of Divine Fits aren’t about to throw a heavenly tantrum at hearing the term “supergroup” used to describe them, but they don’t much like it. The fact is,… More »

After announcing its long list last month, Canada’s Polaris Prize jurors have whittled the pool down to ten native acts whose recent albums deserve short-list status for the $30,000 award… More »

Divine Fits, the new collaboration between Spoon’s Britt Daniel and former Wolf Parade frontnut Dan Boeckner, announced the release of their first single today. Entitled “My Love Is Real,” it’s… More »


Wolf Parade guitarist Dan Boeckner and his wife Alexei Perry have shut down Handsome Furs, their “side project,” following a six-year run. Furs were signed to Sub Pop for their… More »

Handsome Furs power yelper Dan Boeckner is multitasking, penning the score for a film starring John Cusack and Emma Roberts. Adult World director Scott Coffey tweeted last week that he… More »

Handsome Furs, ‘Sound Kapital’ (Sub Pop)

“When I get back home, I won’t be the same,” Dan Boeckner sings at the start of his third album with wife Alexei Perry. But for this pair, “home” is… More »


For their breakthrough second album Face Control, Handsome Furs – the synth-pop duo featuring Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner and his wife Alexei Perry – traveled around Eastern Europe, where they… More »

At, we get pitches from aspiring writers all the time, but one we received last fall was quite different. It came from Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, who said he was… More »

ADVERTISEMENT’s Best of the Week

This week’s top stories had everyone talking: Kanye West mouthed off about Thom Yorke, the White Stripes disappointed on Conan’s last night at Late Night, Chris Brown and Rihanna continued… More »

3 Free Songs: Handsome Furs

If Handsome Furs’ 2007 release Plague Park was a tribute to a park in Helsinki, where thousands of victims of the plague were buried, then Face Control, out March 10… More »

Free Download: Handsome Furs

Dan Boeckner: You know him as co-frontman of Montreal oddballs Wolf Parade. But, like members of most Canadian indie rock bands (is it something in the Labatts?), he has a… More »


Dan Boeckner spent the majority of 2008 touring with his main outfit, Wolf Parade, behind this year’s weird and wonderful At Mount Zoomer. But come 2009, he’ll rejoin wife/co-collaborator Alexei… More »

Last night at Detroit’s Pike Room, as the crowd amassed near the bar in anticipation of the night-capping set from Montreal’s Handsome Furs,the husband/wife duo emerged for a couple pre-show… More »