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Handsome Furs Announce New Album


Dan Boeckner spent the majority of 2008 touring with his main outfit, Wolf Parade, behind this year’s weird and wonderful At Mount Zoomer. But come 2009, he’ll rejoin wife/co-collaborator Alexei Perry as Handsome Furs for the follow-up to their 2007 debut Plague Park. [Via]

Face Control, the sophomore effort from the Furs will drop February 3. The new disc was produced by Wolf Parade drummer Arlen Thompson at Montreal’s Mount Zoomer studio. Tour details have yet to surface, but we can only hope that Perry and Boeckner clear up possible visa issues before making any plans.

Face Control tracklist:

1. “Legal Tender”
2. “Evangeline”
3. “Talking Hotel Arbat Blues”
4. “(Passport Kontrol)”
5. “All We Want, Baby, Is Everything”
6. “I’m Confused”
7. “(White City)”
8. “Nyet Spasiba”
9. “Officer of Hearts”
10. “(It’s Not Me, It’s You)”
11. “Thy Will Be Done”
12. “Radio Kaliningrad”