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Lucky th1rt3en

"America is in love with guns so this seems like a loaded question. Pun intended," says Pharoahe Monch in response to: Why aren’t there more…
Liza Lentini / January 20, 2021

National Treasure

If you care at all about democracy and the way our world works, you should be watching Real Time with Bill Maher. As January 2021…
Liza Lentini / January 15, 2021

A Day in the Life of… Charlie Houston

"I just want my songs to be super authentic and address shit that all young people deal with," says 19-year-old genre-bending singer and songwriter Charlie…
Liza Lentini / January 13, 2021

What the World Needs Now

When they were starting out in the late ‘70s, legendary Irish punk band Stiff Little Fingers sent out their promo cassettes to record companies made…
Liza Lentini / January 1, 2021

The Hoff Goes Heavy Metal

"What is this for?" David Hasselhoff asks me. "Is this for SPIN magazine or an Austrian magazine, or a German magazine or what?"
Liza Lentini / December 25, 2020

The Bells Were Ringing Out for Kirsty MacColl

Once upon a time—hard times, as it were—in an unrelenting, kick-you-when-you’re-down New York City, a real-life couple were struggling and fighting and having a thoroughly…
Liza Lentini / December 25, 2020

The ’80s Music Scene? Mark ‘Weissguy’ Weiss Was There, With His Camera

Go to absolutely any of the near-400 pages of The Decade That Rocked —the new coffee-table-worthy collection—and you’re sure to find one of the most…
Liza Lentini / December 8, 2020

Farm Aid at 35

In July 1985, Bob Dylan stood on stage at Live Aid and suggested a concert just for America’s farmers. Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John…
Liza Lentini / December 7, 2020

Ashton Irwin’s Brave New World

Not gonna lie: I’m not a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer. That said, I’m not a "non-fan", either. There’s a distinct difference between disliking…
Liza Lentini / December 4, 2020

John Mellencamp: American Son

"Hello, Liza. This is John Mellencamp. What do you want to talk about?" It’s a cold, cloudy East Coast afternoon, and, for so many reasons,…
Liza Lentini / November 26, 2020

Robert Plant’s Absolute, Invaluable Journey

I’ve met Robert Plant four times. First as a punky grade-schooler, sitting cross-legged on my friend’s worn-out shag carpet, carefully slipping LPs out of their…
Liza Lentini / November 25, 2020

The 35 Most Excellent Movies of the Last 35 Years

It’s that film that shook up the genre or trail-blazed a new one. Or maybe its uniqueness defies definition. These movies didn’t always do great…
Liza Lentini / November 23, 2020

Dear Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Induct the Go-Go’s Already!

Dear RRHOF (and anyone else who overlooked The Go-Go’s), Once upon a time in L.A.’s late-'70s punk scene, a bunch of young women…
Liza Lentini / November 21, 2020

The Canonization of Saint Sinead

"Children say that people are hung sometimes for speaking the truth."Joan of Arc, 1400s "Put your fucking seatbelts on ’cause I haven’t finished…
Liza Lentini / November 9, 2020

Precious Star

Joan Jett’s been up all night. This is the first thing she tells me when I finally speak with her, a moment I’ve…
Liza Lentini / November 6, 2020

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