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The Hoff Goes Heavy Metal

"What is this for?" David Hasselhoff asks me. "Is this for SPIN magazine or an Austrian magazine, or a German magazine or what?"
Liza Lentini / December 25, 2020

The Bells Were Ringing Out for Kirsty MacColl

Once upon a time—hard times, as it were—in an unrelenting, kick-you-when-you’re-down New York City, a real-life couple were struggling and fighting and having a thoroughly…
Liza Lentini / December 25, 2020

The ’80s Music Scene? Mark ‘Weissguy’ Weiss Was There, With His Camera

Go to absolutely any of the near-400 pages of The Decade That Rocked —the new coffee-table-worthy collection—and you’re sure to find one of the most…
Liza Lentini / December 8, 2020

Farm Aid at 35

In July 1985, Bob Dylan stood on stage at Live Aid and suggested a concert just for America’s farmers. Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John…
Liza Lentini / December 7, 2020

Ashton Irwin’s Brave New World

Not gonna lie: I’m not a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer. That said, I’m not a "non-fan", either. There’s a distinct difference between disliking…
Liza Lentini / December 4, 2020

John Mellencamp: American Son

"Hello, Liza. This is John Mellencamp. What do you want to talk about?" It’s a cold, cloudy East Coast afternoon, and, for so many reasons,…
Liza Lentini / November 26, 2020

Robert Plant’s Absolute, Invaluable Journey

I’ve met Robert Plant four times. First as a punky grade-schooler, sitting cross-legged on my friend’s worn-out shag carpet, carefully slipping LPs out of their…
Liza Lentini / November 25, 2020

The 35 Most Excellent Movies of the Last 35 Years

It’s that film that shook up the genre or trail-blazed a new one. Or maybe its uniqueness defies definition. These movies didn’t always do great…
Liza Lentini / November 23, 2020

Dear Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Induct the Go-Go’s Already!

Dear RRHOF (and anyone else who overlooked The Go-Go’s), Once upon a time in L.A.’s late-'70s punk scene, a bunch of young women…
Liza Lentini / November 21, 2020

The Canonization of Saint Sinead

"Children say that people are hung sometimes for speaking the truth."Joan of Arc, 1400s "Put your fucking seatbelts on ’cause I haven’t finished…
Liza Lentini / November 9, 2020

Precious Star

Joan Jett’s been up all night. This is the first thing she tells me when I finally speak with her, a moment I’ve…
Liza Lentini / November 6, 2020

The 35 Best Songs of the Last 35 Years

  They’re the songs that changed the face of music. To create the most bad-ass (and possibly random) playlist of all…
Liza Lentini / November 4, 2020

Tori Amos: Loud and Clear

Far out on the rugged English countryside of Cornwall, surrounded by the bright blue Atlantic and the nearby Celtic Sea, known for its powerful winds…
Liza Lentini / November 2, 2020

Why You Should #giveashit

November 3rd. That’s it. That’s what it’s all about. But it’s not the whole story. Our world is on fire — and not…
Liza Lentini / August 24, 2020

The 15 Most Controversial Songs of All-Time

In the mid-'80s, a big-haired then-Senator’s wife named Tipper Gore was taking a stroll near her 11-year-old daughter’s room. Without warning, she caught an earful…
Liza Lentini / May 17, 2016

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