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5 Albums I Can't Live Without

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Uncle Kracker

(Credit: Laura Partain)

Name  Uncle Kracker

Best known for  Being spit out of Kid Rock’s womb and landing in Kenny Chesney’s lap.

Current city  Nashville, TN

Really want to be in  Key West. I would be catching tarpon off a dock or anxiously awaiting stone crab season to check my traps and take off some claws.

Excited about  Releasing my new album and heading out on tour with Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown!

My current music collection has a lot of  Rap

And a little bit of  Country

Preferred format  Vinyl! Prefer vinyl for the warmth and the overall vibe. Nothing beats setting a needle on a record and letting it do its thing. Reminds me of a better time.

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:


Superjudge, Monster Magnet

Melody, lyrics, groove…aside from the overall songs being awesome, Monster Magnet plowed through years doing what they wanted to do and never caved. This album (extremely underrated) sings more than a song to me and rings as an example of being yourself at all costs.


Paul’s Boutique, Beastie Boys

From beginning to end it’s like a seamless sample and never-ending book of short stories. Classic. Definitely would want this record if I was stranded on an island. Reminds me of LSD. A lot of it.


Veedon Fleece, Van Morrison

This album might mean the most to me because I can’t understand one word he says on it, but for some strange reason, it’s okay. This album makes any situation make sense, whether he does or not.


The Chronic, Dr. Dre

Jaw-dropping showcase of artists and an even more jaw-dropping display of production. This album made the West Coast feel like a Cadillac to me.


Where Soul Lives, Baby Ray

The passion and playing that pour out of my old 15-inch Cerwin-Vega when I play this puts me on the moon or on my knees. Never have I known so little about an artist, yet listened so much and absorbed so effortlessly.