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5 Albums I Can't Live Without

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: HAUSER

(Credit: Nikes Soos)


Best known for  The King of Romance

Current city  Zagreb

Really want to be in  Dubai. It’s my second home. It’s the city of the future.

Excited about  My album Classic II out now. My Rebel With The Cello Tour! The US dates are this May and June and I cannot wait to get there.

My current music collection has a lot of  Romantic music—see my favorite albums…

And a little bit of  Everything else…

Preferred format  Streaming. I travel a lot and have to be online, so that’s where I listen to my music. 

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:

As a hopeless romantic myself, it’s not surprise that all the top five albums I chose are extremely romantic! It’s all about melody, love, and romance for me when it comes to music. And I am also obsessed with beauty. I love everything to be beautiful and perfect in music. Beautiful voice, production, orchestration, etc.… and these five albums are just that!


Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor, Cristian Castro

I don’t think anything can be more romantic and beautiful than voice of Cristian Castro singing those insanely beautiful songs! The melody, the lyrics, the voice, everything screams love and romance. I would say it’s absolutely [the most] ultimate romantic album you can possibly imagine!


Tango, Julio Iglesias

I [have been] a huge fan of Julio’s voice since I was a little boy and his seductive stage persona [has] influenced me heavily. This album is particularly special to me because his seductive voice fits perfectly with those tangos and the whole album was produced and arranged perfectly.


Passione, Andrea Bocelli

Everyone knows Bocelli for his beautiful voice and opera singing. But something truly magical happens when he sings pop music. The warmth of his voice, the simplicity, it just blends perfectly with these melodies. I could listen to this album on repeat endlessly. The arrangements, orchestration, production, and overall vibe is perfection!


Dino: Italian Love Songs, Dean Martin

Dean Martin, the King of Cool! He was the most charming singer ever. And his take on those Italian classics are [real gems], those songs and his voice are made for each other. And when you add this incredible orchestration on top of that, it becomes perfection. When you listen to this album you wish [you could] go back in time, when music was made like this and everything was more romantic, and people believed in love.


Segundo Romance, Luis Miguel

You cannot make the list without including Luis Miguel and his powerful and romantic way of singing. His unique style of singing made already known classics fresh and new again.