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Trump Reportedly Told Andrea Bocelli Not to Perform at the Inauguration

As SPIN previously reported, singer Andrea Boccelli was rumored to be among the featured musical acts at Trump's inauguration. The intel leaked through an interview with…
Winston Cook-Wilson / December 21, 2016

Donald Trump Finally Found Someone (and Maybe Also Andrea Bocelli) to Perform at His Inauguration

Despite firm denials from the president-elect's team, the Wrap reported last week that President-elect Trump's camp is offering major pop acts huge sums (and possibly even…
Winston Cook-Wilson / December 14, 2016

A New Andrea Bocelli Biopic That Stars Antonio Banderas Is on the Way

The prospect of an Andrea Bocelli biopic might sound weird, but the Italian singer did sell just under 100 million records, making him one of…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 10, 2016