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David Bowie Goes for Baroque With Model in Louis Vuitton Short

David Bowie, "I'd Rather Be High," harpsichord, Louis Vuitton, Romain Gavras, Arizona Muse

David Bowie made his last music video for $12.99, but sometimes you gotta splurge. The singer appears among the bewigged, 17th-century-style smart set in a new commercial for Louis Vuitton. The ad’s director, Romain Gavras, is known for M.I.A.’s “Born Free” and “Bad Girls” videos as well as the apocalyptic clip for Watch the Throne‘s “No Church in the Wild.” His work here isn’t as likely to spark controversy, but it’s no less enigmatic, with Bowie crooning a harpsichord-based take on The Next Day‘s “I’d Rather Be High.” His co-star is fashion model Arizona Muse, the clip is titled L’Invitation Au Voyage, and the tale involves a Marie Antoinette-worthy masquerade ball, a hot-air balloon, the Louvre, and modern-day Venice. Bowie’s The Next Day Extra, featuring various bonus tracks including an extended James Murphy remix, is out now. Watch the longer Director’s Cut below.