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David Bowie Hones James Murphy’s ‘Love Is Lost’ Mix in $12.99 Video

'The Next Day Extra' visual cost next to nothing to make, not counting already being David Bowie

James Murphy’s cosmic-disco remix of David Bowie’s “Love Is Lost” is a 10-minute tour de force, to the point you might want to listen to it when you don’t actually have 10 minutes. Earlier this week, Bowie began offering a four-minute edit of the track officially known as “Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)” via iTunes. At the Mercury Prize ceremony, the Thin White Duke debuted a video for the neatly streamlined new version, and you can watch it above. The Halloween-ready video, showing Bowie lip-syncing in front of a sinister-looking figures, has a low-budget feeling, and with good reason: In a statement, the singer says he wrote, shot, and edited the video in his Manhattan office using puppets from his collection, all for the cost of a $12.99 flash drive. The full version is from The Next Day Extra, the expanded edition of this year’s surprise album The Next Day. The set is out November 4, but you can hear a handful of bonus tracks now.