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Hear David Bowie’s Pretty Silly ‘Next Day’ B-Sides

"The Informer," "Like a Rocket Man," and "Born in a UFO" accompany "Atomica" on 'Extras' set

Earlier we got a taste of David Bowie’s “Atomica,” a previously unreleased bonus track from his forthcoming The Next Day Extra, which of course expands his March surprise of an album The Next Day. While that snippet came along with a trailer showcasing the new-ish set’s impressive packaging, we can now hear that song in full along with three other B-sides presumably ripped from the SiriusXM David Bowie Channel. Below, you’ll find an expansive number dubbed “The Informer,” a jaunty bit of uncomfortable weirdness called “Like a Rocket Man,” and the quavering space-anthem “Born in a UFO.” Oh, and “Atomica,” of course, which sports a little New Wave flare and is the danciest of the bunch. All four come courtesy of a YouTube user named David Bazan, who we highly doubt is that David Bazan, via NME.