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See Nirvana’s Searing ‘Live and Loud’ Rendition of ‘Heart-Shaped Box’

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Another prime Nirvana performance from the upcoming 20th anniversary In Utero reissue has surfaced online, as a couple of never-before-seen rehearsal videos get set to make their premiere. Part of the reissue bonanza is a DVD documenting the alt-rock legends’ December 13, 1993, Live and Loud concert, from which we’ve already seen the band’s snarling take on “Scentless Apprentice.” Now MTV has shared another clip from the taping at Seattle’s Pier 48, for still-unlikely-seeming hit “Heart-Shaped Box.”

The video, which you can watch above, comes as MTV and VH1 prepare a fuller unveiling of Nirvana live material. The cable networks plan to release a clip of “Rape Me” on September 19. Then, on September 23, MTV and VH1 will share never-seen rehearsal videos of “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” and “Very Ape.” According to USA Today, the “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” clip includes Kurt Cobain saying, “Should we play now? We’re just going to stand here until someone tells us to play. Okay?” The “Very Ape” clip reportedly shows Cobain sitting in on drums for future SPIN cover star Dave Grohl.

As for “Heart-Shaped Box,” director Anton Corbijn‘s alternate cut for the song’s video recently hit the Web. His edit adds a shot of Cobain lying in a field of poppies and gives more screen time to a girl in a Ku Klux Klan robe and a woman in a human-orban body suit with angel wings. Despite the dark imagery, the audience 20 years ago appears to be reveling in the moment here, with ample crowd surfers riding the wave of a fervent performance.

The In Utero reissue and Live and Loud DVD are due out on September 24 via Universal Music. Fans who buy the DVD or the Super Deluxe Edition DVD will have the chance for a free Nirvana tattoo. For a less permanent commemoration of the album’s anniversary, download Deer Tick’s recent In Utero tribute concert, preview the reissue’s previously unreleased “Forgotten Tune,” or revisit SPIN’s 1993 cover story on Nirvana, Smashing Their Heads on the Punk Rock.