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Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ Video Director’s Cut Finally Surfaces Online

Nirvana, "Heart-Shaped Box," 'In Utero,' video, director's cut, Anton Corbijn, Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain lying in a misty field of poppies straight out of The Wizard of Oz. That, along with a little more screen time for a girl in a Ku Klux Klan outfit and a woman in a human-organ body suit with angel wings, is the first taste of the extra material from Nirvana’s 20th-anniversary reissue of In Utero. Those scenes appear in Anton Corbijn’s altered cut of the 1993 classic’s “Heart-Shaped Box” video.

The directors’ cut previously appeared on 2005 video compilation The Work of Director Anton Corbijn, but it’s included on a DVD with the most lavish edition of the In Utero reissue, and according to Entertainment Weekly it has never been available online until now. Most of the changes come toward the end of the clip, as described above.

Along with the “Heart-Shaped Box” directors’ cut, the In Utero deluxe-edition DVD features footage of Nirvana’s December 13, 1993 Live and Loud concert at Seattle’s Pier 48, among dozens of other performance clips.

Lana Del Rey covered “Heart-Shaped Box” last summer, leading Courtney Love to insist in later-deleted tweets that the song was really about “my vagina.” That would definitely be news to a certain clueless college mascot.

Watch the video at EW until the embed below is unlocked.