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Kanye West Gifted Donald, Ivanka, and Jared Custom Hats

Kanye West took a field trip to the Oval Office today and discussed the Unabomber and hydrogen planes, among other topics, with Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka,…
Tosten Burks / October 11, 2018

Ivanka’s Fashion Line Joins Long List of Failed Trump Businesses

It looks like there will be one less line selling nude heels and pastel shift dresses as Ivanka Trump's namesake fashion brand is shuttering, according…
Maggie Serota / July 24, 2018

What Did Samantha Bee Think Was Going to Happen?

Mere hours after calling White House adviser Ivanka Trump "a feckless cunt" for tweeting a picture of herself and her toddler amid criticism that ICE is…
Maggie Serota / May 31, 2018

Gang of Four – “Ivanka (Things You Can’t Have)”

Gang of Four announced an upcoming EP called Complicit earlier this month, complete with cover art featuring an image of Ivanka Trump. The track listing…
Winston Cook-Wilson / April 16, 2018

Gang of Four’s New EP Has Ivanka Trump on the Cover

Gang of Four, proper legends of UK post-punk, have a new EP on the way. It's called Complicit, and you can see the extremely striking cover art…
Andy Cush / April 4, 2018

Here’s Yet Another Example of Jared Kushner Being Terrible at His Job

In an excerpt from her new book Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead, former Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards…
Maggie Serota / April 4, 2018

Ex-Playboy Model Karen McDougal: Trump Told Me “I Was Beautiful” Like Ivanka

Karen McDougal told Anderson Cooper that Donald Trump paid her the greatest compliment he knows: That she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka. The revelation…
Maggie Serota / March 23, 2018

Our 1998 Interview With 16-Year-Old Ivanka Trump Is an Eerie Look Into Our Gilded, Rotten Reality

Before the uncooperative Democratic legislators, the snooping special counsels, the fights with her father over whether an alleged child molester is an appropriate candidate to support…
Andy Cush / February 13, 2018

Read Our March 1998 Interview With a 16-Year-Old Ivanka Trump

Back in March 1998, when she was 16, Ivanka Trump was not yet a senior advisor to the president—she was just an aspiring model with a…
Kim France / February 13, 2018

Quincy Jones Says He Used to Date Ivanka Trump

It's hard to pick the most entertaining part of mega-producer Quincy Jones's freewheeling interview with Vulture's David Marchese, but his admission that he used to…
Maggie Serota / February 7, 2018

New Book: White House Staffers Call Ivanka Trump the President’s “Real Wife” and Hope Hicks His “Real Daughter”

In a Hollywood Reporter column, author Michael Wolff shed some light on the time he spent as a fly on the wall of various West Wing offices…
Maggie Serota / January 4, 2018

Listen to Amber Coffman Sing as Lana Del Rey Singing as Ivanka Trump

First, there was Donald Trump the early '00s mallcore emo singer. Then there was Alex Jones the Bon Iver-style bearded balladeer. Today, whacked-out parody musician Nick…
Andy Cush / August 24, 2017

Donald Trump Sent His Tweet About Nordstrom 21 Minutes After the Start of His Daily Intelligence Briefing

This morning, Donald Trump tweeted about Nordstrom, the high-end department store which recently ceased carrying his daughter Ivanka's clothing line due to poor sales.
Jordan Sargent / February 8, 2017
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